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Look, a link (!

They were invaluable during the investigation. If you have a whole lot of free time, I suggest you read them.

In The Beginning

At first glance, Urban Hunt ( appears to be a new reality TV show. The tagline of the show is "It's not what you think!", and this phrase is rather prophetic... (Read on, True Believers!)

Tomorrow's Talk Studios ( is the TV show producer responsible for Urban Hunt. It's a very slick Flash site with preview videos for their shows, the usual company blurbs, and a list of employees. They're currently producing another trashy reality show called "Your Money Or Your Wife". Luckily, I can admire the Flash rather than the awful TV programming. There are some interesting pictures that appear when I hold my mouse over the headings. I wonder what the significance of that barcode at the top left is... Finding nothing much of interest, I went back to the UH website to learn a bit more. It is a competition in which online advisors try to either flummox or help live players as they try to complete missions all over the states in order to win a large prize.

Curious about the Urban Hunt show, I sent an email to apply as an online advisor. I told them that I enjoyed guiding people (hee!) and thought it would be a great experience. I recieved an autoresponse that was rather long for an autoresponse. A closer examination of the first letters of each sentence revealed this as a Rabbit Hole into a strange story. The letters spelled out the name of a website:Urban Mythology ( Its webmistress Amanda Graves updates the site every week with new urban legends. Why would the email from Urban Hunt lead to a seemingly unrelated site about myths? This bears further investigation; something quite interesting must be there for its address to be hidden within an email. Browsing the site, I found an interesting myth related to reality TV shows. Speculating that it could be related to Urban Hunt, I read over the myth carefully...

Dread House was a reality TV show that never aired. 13 contestants had to survive in a spooky abandoned insane asylum. However, players and crew started dying mysteriously... Googling, I found the Dread House website ( , which seems to show that Dread House was -real-. In fact, the webmaster JC seems to be an employee of Tomorrow's Talk determined to uncover the sinister secrets surrounding Dread House. Phonecalls and emails to various employees of Tomorrow's Talk recieve autoresponses or denials of their involvement. It seems likely that JC is the one who led people to Urban Mythology through the secret message in the Urban Hunt autoresponse email. This knowledge prompted me to look for further secret messages from the paranoid JC. Lo and behold, within the html source of his picture pages are the DreadHouse Numbers, which are a sort of Beale cipher. When decoded, the message states "seven twenty eight/ten pm eastern/there and gone." Presumably, incriminating evidence concerning Dread House will be posted for a short period. I await this event anxiously...

Curious about the asylum at which Dread House was filmed, I explored its website ( Maintained by webmaster Charles, the CMH site is a repository of history, stories, records, and pictures concerning the hospital. The stories tell tales of ghost sightings and mysterious deaths; events that are par for the course at a spooky old asylum. Regular updates by Charles keep readers informed of the recent events concerning CMH and Charles' bird-obsessed friend Old Todd. Some of the pictures of CMH look awfully familiar. I'm sure I've seen that door and that hole somewhere before, perhaps in a dream ( Reading through the history of the asylum, it seems that CMH was led by Dr. Edward House. An amusing coincidence: Dr. Ed House --> Dread House. In any case, CMH is notorious for its "forced seisure" technique of therapy; notably the infamous method of shock therapy. Many of the pictures on the site are quite creepy and show the rusty, abandoned rooms of the asylum. One shows a scratched up headstone which seems to be written in German. It reads "Here rests August," and some more indecipherable text. There is an intriguing picture with blurry ghostly drips which seem to be moving up. One of the patient's works of art matches exactly with real photo of a set of red handprints on a green door. In fact, most of the imagery is quite dreamlike.

Which suddenly reminded me of the Dream Projector ( myth from Urban Mythology. I'd guessed the website's name and given a cursory glance before, but the idea is rather intriguing. The Dream Projector, using some rather advanced neuroscience, can record people's dreams. The creator of the Dream Projector is Dr. Karl Shoemaker, a German scientist with a face only his mother could love. I'm beginning to wonder if the myths on Amanda's site are really myths at all, since this site seems quite real to me! A few clips of dreams are given on the website, and many of these dreams are rather disturbing. The only dream from 2004 is particularily interesting: it has seemingly random letters being written on a wall. Possibly there is some hidden meaning within them... Interestingly, one of the dreams includes familiar imagery from CHM. How could the Dream Projector be linked to the mental hospital? There is much to think about...

--RobMagus (and so it begins!)

Dead Poems and Outside.html

A day went by, and I was looking through the CMH patient artwork. Some of it is strangely beautiful... There is a watercolour reminiscent of the tarot card depicted the Moon. It's strangely appropriate, for the Moon signifies madness. (Hence the word lunacy.) Another piece of artwork stands out: the portrait by "Beatrice Doe". The signature is written in a very odd fashion, and is in an unusual place for a signature; the top left. Turning the picture upside down puts the signature in the usual place for a piece of art, and reveals that the name is actually "Ann Starling"! Miss Beatrice/Starling was intriguing enough that I Googled for "Ann Starling". The ad bar had a link to Dead Poems (, a site run by Starling's grandson Reed Singelton. The website promotes a collection of poetry written during her stay at CMH. The site has many familiar pictures of CMH, and also has evidence that Ann Starling could have been the young girl described in one of the stories ( on the CMH website. Apparently, Ann Starling could talk to the dead. She was sent to the asylum for telling people what the dead were saying. Much of the poetry and imagery on Dead Poems is rather creepy, though I must say that I am interested in the book which goes on sale August 17th...

--RobMagus (the first update!)

New Myths July 27

Amanda Graves posted three new myths at Urban Mythology, her first weekly update. One is about a creepy carnival worker that turns out to be the good guy. Why, I beleive I know the person who sent that myth in! :) Another myth is about the strange effects of noises at certain frequencies, and how this relates to the commonly reported phenomena of haunted houses. Finally, there is the utterly terrifying myth about the website that drives you insane. The caption for this myth catches my eye: "Open outside.html. Enter". Of course, adding "/outside.html" to the URLs of the ingame sites does nothing. Amanda is just gently reminding her readers that natural light isn't -that- scary.

--RobMagus (natural light -burns-!)

There and Gone

We stared at the screen, refreshing Dreadhouse obsessively in anticipation of JC's proof. Suddenly, at 10 PM EST, the main page directed me to DH There. Recalling that JC's Beale cipher read "there and gone", we immediately also tried going to DH Gone. Excellent, two puzzles from JC! He seems overly concerned with security to me. Why would he take such extreme measures to make sure nobody finds out about this evidence? Tomorrow's Talk must have particularily viscious lawyers. Anyways, "There" is a set of ROTed sentences (Child's play, thinks Lieutenant Ebo Znthf). When solved, they appeared to be captions for the photos that have been removed from JC's site. Gone is an ingenious morse code hidden in plain sight in two different colours. Letting one shade be the dashes and the other be the dots seems like a good idea. Voila: it spells out an email address. I sent an email to it right away. JC's response said "Why stop there? There's more to what you have wrought." Seems like a clue to look at the ROTed sentences a little more carefully. Another email from the paranoid webmaster said "The right numbers might lead you somewhere." Oh, jee, thanks.

After I scratched my head in utter confusion for a while, JC sent yet another email. "You are looking at the solve and not the puzzle. See things through my eyes. Follow what I have done. The numbers I have used are they key." JC sent several such help-ful hints, and the solve ( for this infuriating puzzle led to the four pieces of evidence JC has accquired. One is a crumpled, cryptic Tomorrow's Talk interoffice memo ( from Greg Boyle to Richard Meyer. It mentions getting a password in the usual manner. Hmm... Next is a picture ( from inside a ruin at CMH, with "DH was here" spraypainted on the wall in red. Third is a piece of a newspaper article ( that seems to be reporting high-security at CMH for suspicious reasons. Finally there is a video ( filmed in a car driving into the gate of CMH in the winter of 2002. Opening the video in an editor reveals, among more mundane tags, "TTS Pre-Show Site Audit none TT Studios 2002 Location #4: Cambridge Mental Hospital Cambridge, Minnesota Engineer S. Rowan." What to make of all of this?

--RobMagus (the first in-game event!)

Ancient Terror

Reed Singleton has updated Dead Poems, just like he said he would in his apologetic popup. There is now a new poem on the page for the foreward (, and a new creepy picture of a shrouded skull with wings, or at least something resembling wings. It's named "deathangel.jpg". Personally, the style of these sites is giving me the willies, and Dead Poems is by far the williest of the bunch. Anywho, the new Poem on DP has a very strange capitalisation pattern. It could be that Ann was being nutty again, but you never know. Indeed, upon closer inspection, it seems that the words "ancient terror" are encoded within the poem. However, it's rather unlikely that Ann would have encoded the message in that manner. (unless she was channeling the spirit of a programmer from the late 1800s..) This merits an inquiry to Reed, I'd say. While sending that email, we can check his responses to previous questions about Ann Starling's "Beatrice Doe" picture on the CMH website. The emails prompted him to read through some of the stories, but he can't draw any connections because he's been busy trying to finish the book. Hopefully he'll be able to take some time and inform me whether Ann capitalised the letters exactly like that, or whether they'd been changed later. Crossed fingers, eh?

--RobMagus (Ann's channeling dead programmers!)


As the amount of things we have discovered increases, it gets harder to keep track of what is going on. Every once in a while I'll make a recap of what we've learnt so far. Hey, look, I'm ripping off Adrian Hon!  :)




  • Amanda Graves, excellent webmistress of UM
  • Charles, skeptical webmaster of CMH
  • Old Todd, crazy bird guy at CMH
  • JC, paranoid webmaster of DH
  • Dr. Karl Shoemaker, mastermind of Dream Projector
  • Ann Starling, insane poet inmate of CMH
  • Reed Singleton, Starling's grandson and promoter of Dead Poems
  • Greg Boyle, TT IS department (memo)
  • Richard Meyer, TT boss (memo)
  • Steve Rowan, TT location scout?


  • the author of the rabbithole autoresponse
  • the TT barcode
  • the 4 pieces of evidence from JC, notably the memo and the video
  • the headstone at CMH
  • the ghostly drips at CMH
  • patient artwork at CMH
  • dream projector dreams, especially bloody letters
  • dead poems, both the book and the poems on the site
  • ancient terror
  • how in the world is all of this connected?!

Whew, that's a lot of stuff. Well, back to our regular programming.

-- RobMagus (duh. the first recap!)

New Myths August 3

Time for Amanda Graves' weekly update to Urban Mythology!

First up is the creepy tale of the Indian campground/school that suddenly became devoid of all life at once. Sent in by a reader, the myth tells us that the abandoned site still has food in the pantry and clothes in the drawers... Next is a lovely short one which I shall post in its entirety:

"Omniscient Mater: A former Mafioso was taken into the Federal Witness Protection Program after testifying against his partners in crime. He was given a new identity, plastic surgery, clothing, job, and housing. A month after the move, he checked his mail and found a letter from his alma mater university, asking for funds. The letter was addressed to his real name." Neat, huh?

Finally there's "Seven", which tells us of the serial killer obsessed with the number seven. His victims were all somehow related to 7, and the killer was going to kill 7 people so he could raise his 7-week old son from the dead. Yikes.

--RobMagus (the killer is Kevin Spacey!)

Flirting With Ron

It seems logical that the webmaster is the one who would write the autoresponse for people applying to Urban Hunt. As such, it may be important to establish a rapport with the webmaster. Looking at the employee list, we find that Ron Daubert is the webmaster. We have to be careful, though. If the folks at Tomorrow's Talk are as sinister as JC makes them out to be, emailing a direct query might cause trouble. In any case, why would someone be encoding messages in the autoresponse int he first place?

Then we recall something from JC's site for Dread House: JC knows someone who went on to participate in the show! Perhaps the person who encoded the site name within the autoresponse is a survivor of of Dread House? Well, there's only one way to find out. We send out an email asking the question. Under the guise of an email talking about how overly "detailed" the autoresponse was, we encode the message "RUSURVIVOR" in the same manner that the UM site name was hidden. The email was sent to Ron, and his reply came soon.

He acknowledged the hidden message directly within his response, saying that it was cute. In fact, he even mentions that he encoded a message within his response in the same manner. The message is "NOTHATSBURNETT", which is of course a reference to to the creator of the Survivor TV show. Clever! :) Of course, this means that Ron knows as much as we do about this Dread House thing, if not less. In any case, Ron seems like a nice guy and we might want to have a contact within the company, so our next email to him is flirtatious. The lovable Konamouse elects to take the flirting path so she thanks him for his clever message and then basically asks if there's a way she can sweet-talk a guarrunteed position as an Online Advisor. She also asks if he knows who the former webmaster is.

Meanwhile, Ron responded to a query from Varin. Apparently, TT's top brass seem on edge, and we should keep an eye on the TT website for an update sometime soon.

Then Ron's reply to Kona arrives, and gives us some more excellent information! While she can't improve her chances of getting Advisorship, the flirting seems to be paying off. We learn that the big kahunas at TT are quite secretive and that memos sent around the office have passwords encrypted within them. Obviously we need to take a good look at that memo we got from JC. Ron further informs us that there's a lot of new people at TT. Did they have a clearing-out after DH? Hmm... Ron gives us one more juicy morsel of information: the former webmaster's name was Ed. Nobody seems to know much about him, and the office seems strangely quiet about him.

Well, this sort of success inspires Varin to play the flirtatious computer geek card. Her email to Ron refered to the troubles with receptionists we'd been having (which I have not included in the Guide, incidentally), and mentioned that she could never play the polite receptionist. That's why she stays behind a computer screen. Kona then sends an email to Ron, after which Varin sends an email, and you get the picture. Ron is grateful for the chance to answer some fluffy emails, because he's been working late and the taskmasters are getting anxious about something.

Will Ron give us more useful information? Are the TT bosses worried that he's leaking information? Does Ron have to choose between Kona and Varin? Is this going to turn into a love triangle? Tune in next week to "The Young and the Flirtatious"!

--RobMagus (the first time I mention other players!)


When visiting Dread House in hopes of finding some new information from our lovably paranoid webmaster JC, there seems to almost have been no change. Almost! The start momentarily seems to turn red before going on to the regular page with a choice between the flash intro and the main page. I reloaded Dread House and stopped the next page from loading as soon as the screen flashed red. Well, whaddya know. It's a page with that same glaring red background as Gone.html, and the familiar message JC has on his picture and documents pages. However, this sentence has no spaces, and has the word "again" tacked onto the end:




That "again" is interesting... has something else been removed from JC's site? Is this a clue to find the documents we didn't get with There and Gone? Well, like a good little ARGer, I check the source. Turns out that, just like the dots on Gone.html, the letters of this sentence are in two slightly different colours ( Is it morse code again? Is it binary, like Ancient Terror? Is it something completely different?

Tune in next update to find out! Same Guide-time, same Guide-channel!

--RobMagus (the first puzzle we didn't solve relatively quickly!)

Oh... AGAIN.

Well, I was completely stumped. The lack of spacing made this puzzle really quite difficult. As a result, I'd gotten to thinking that it had nothing much to do with spacing. After hours of that leading nowhere, Anon Y. Mous suddenly revealed a partial solve of the first bit. Turns out that it was morse code all along. Just a long string with no spaces. Talk about frustrating! Thanks to Anon's boost and a time-saving program, we solved the puzzle of the DH_Main_Page.

Great. Now I know why that "again" is tacked on. Just like last time, a rather difficult morse code puzzle with spacing problems leads to JC's secrets email. I fired one off to everyone's favorite paranoid webmaster, saying that I wish to be included. Now all I can do is twiddle my thumbs until an answer arrives...

--RobMagus (JC is too paranoid!)


Our good pal Ron sent an email in response to queries about the former webmaster, Ed. Ron's been getting a bit worried, cause the office overlords seem to be keeping a close eye on him. Hopefully the head honchos at TT aren't suspecting him of helping uncover Dread House... Ron also commented that he was a fan of encryption, which I suppose explains why he responded so wonderfully to kona's little email about Survivor. In any case, Ron says that he poked around a little for more information, and found a CD marked "Webmaster Tools" in an old storage closet. He didn't have much of a chance to look at it himself, what with work and all, so he posted the exe file from the CD in a directory on the Tomorrow's Talk webpage. The page was removed some time after I got the exe, hopefully by Ron himself.

Joy! The exe requires a password, and we've been looking for a place to put passwords for a while. Trying some of the words we gleaned from the memo ( and getting zilch, it is obvious that we have to look for more clues. Perhaps that subject line needs more attention: "Request After the Meeting". A little thinking leads us to the solve for Richard Meyer's Memo Password, and to the encrypted files! Considering that they are maps of the CMH site, I doubt that these are really "Webmaster Tools". Obviously these are the disks referred to in the memo, or at least related to them. Hopefully Ron won't get into trouble for handing us more evidence! We send these maps off to JC for his collection of proof, and now we wait.

--RobMagus (it means dread!)

New Myths August 10

Two new emails, two updates! First, of course, is Amanda Graves' weekly update to UrbanMythology. This week, the first myth ("Brain Drain" ( concerns the concept of transmitting dreams from person to person via the electrical impulses of the brain. Interestingly, it mentions the use of binary for those impulses... perhaps we should look for binary within some of the DreamProjector dreams? The other two myths include some classics. One is about the illiterate boy who makes a profit each time he sells apples and then gives a great snappy rejoinder to a fellow who preaches that he should learn to read. The other is the tale of the man who puts so many silver dollars in his boots for luck that he can't move and has to spill them all out. I have to say that Amanda's regular updates are one of the most enjoyable parts of this game.

--RobMagus (I wanna be a bookkeeper at a whorehouse!)

Random Obsessive Thoughts

The other email is from JC, which is exciting since he hasn't contacted anyone for a week or so. Furthermore, the email is obviously a puzzle. Solving JC's Random Obsessive Thoughts # 13 leads to another of JC's hidden directories ( Excellent, another suspicious memo from Greg Boyle to Richard Meyer! In the subject line of this TT Memo - After You I Insist is the hint for finding the password in the usual manner. Now we just need a place to put this password! Here's hoping Ron will send us some new encrypted files soon. If that happens, It'd also mean that he's not in trouble.

While we wait for that, we can peruse the merged ( set of maps from "Webmaster Tools". A look at the properties reveals that the initials of the artist (SR) stand for Steve Rowan. Rowan... that's the name that was in the driving video ( JC gave us after solving There and Gone. Perhaps he was the location scout for House of Dread? How can we use this information?

-- RobMagus (EboZnthf!)

They're Watching You

Ron's alive! Hallelujah! He sent out an email saying that he was busy, and that the UH update has been delayed slightly while the head honchos at TT review it. He also mentions that he's working on a new page for Your Money Or Your Wife, the other trashy reality TV show TT advertises on their site. Strangely, this email seems to be a kind of form letter, and doesn't really follow the writing style we're used to from Ron. Remembering that Ron is a fan on encryption and has been suspicious of his office overlords lately, we check the email for secret messages. Guess what?

The first letters of every sentence spell out a message, just as in the survivor joke he made a while ago. Looks like we've trained him well. However, the message in his latest email sure doesn't seem funny: "I MUST WATCH WHAT I SAY". Ron may be alive, but he's definitely in trouble. We respond with an email saying "I UNDERSTAND WHERE CAN WE TALK". We need to get Ron out of this.

-- RobMagus (we love you Ron!)

Ron's Last Wishes

Looks like Ron found a way out himself... I hope it didn't involve him ceasing to live. Several people who have had contact with Ron recieved this email:

"The Following message and attached files have been left by the LastWishes member Ron Daubert for delivery to you on Friday August 13th 2004 at 8pm (EDST).

Message : I heard about this service,, which sends email messages if a member passes on, and contacted them about helping me reach my friends in the event I was unable to do so myself. When I told them I felt my life was in danger, they bent the rules a bit and agreed to send out messages for me today if I failed to contact them and cancel the request. (Normally they require a death certificate.) So hopefully I'm not dead, just... unavailable. Ron Daubert Please don't reply to this"

LastWishes ( is a legitamate site which sends out messages for people if they do not contact LastWishes within a certain period of time. Attached to Ron's message was "Ron's World" (, a journal in which Ron could speak safely and that would be sent out with the LastWishes email in case he didn't check in. The contents of the journal are worrisome. The people at TT have been snooping through Ron's work and computer, and Ron is sure that he's been followed home. He also mentions that nobody smiles or talks to him except fro strict business, except for a "Mr. Richards" who gives him the creepiest smile... The last entry says that he is going to find out once and for all what is going on at TT no matter what happens.

Also in the LastWish was a picture of one of the CMH maps ( There are numbers in red pen on each of the huts. Remembering Ron's knowledge of encryption, we can assume it's a code. Comparing with the maps from "Webmaster Tools" and assigning the hut number to the position of the red pen numbers within each hut, we get 2129318522. Looks like a phone number, don't it? Calling it gets Ron Daubert's voicemail. Ron is giving us another way to contact him, so he may be alive! If the bosses at TT have gotten him, well...

We're going to do everything in our power to make sure they go to jail for life.

--RobMagus (run Ron run!)


It's that tme of the month again; yes, time for another recap!


  • none


  • Ron Daubert, friendly new webmaster at TT and the official good guy
  • "Ed", mysterious old webmaster at TT
  • Mister Richards, creepy TT boss (possibly Richard Meyer?)


  • TT barcode
  • the headstone at CMH
  • the ghostly drips at CMH
  • patient artwork at CMH
  • dream projector dreams, especially bloody letters
  • dead poems, both the book and the poems on the site
  • ancient terror
  • why are "Webmaster Tools" maps?
  • what happened to "Ed"?
  • the second memo
  • insania
  • what happened to Ron?
  • why did he give us his number?
  • how in the world is all of this connected?!

One day, all will be revealed...

--RobMagus (the list gets longer!)

New Myths August 17

Here it comes; Amanda's weekly update to Urban Mythology. This week the three myths seem to be the most eclectic yet, and also none of them involve death! The first is the tale of a Viking coming into Burger King to order some "MEAT!" When asked how we wants his meat, he deliberates for a moment, then says "Cooked!" Turns out that he's just zealous Ren fair goer. Amanda goes on to describe variations of the myth that usually involve SCA members versus bad guys that are scared off by the awesome medieval gear. Myth number two is the good old one about mole people living in the tunnels underneath cities. The final myth is a strange one about a fellow who accidentally chops off a couple of his fingers and is careful not to do it again for the next 20 years. Then, one day, some curvy blonde walks in and asks the guy how he did it, so he promptly demonstrates and cuts off a couple more fingers. Oddly, this myth's title is "Or Were You Looking At the Woman in the Red Dress?", which is of course a reference to the scene in The Matrix where Neo is distracted by a curvy blonde.

--RobMagus (I was distracted!)

Charles Speaks

Charles is being drawn into the mystery, it seems, as evidenced in his latest update to CMH (

"Whoa Nelly!

Lots of people writing in to ask about construction and demolition going on at the hospital, so I've decided to write an update in order to halve the email still waiting for replies.

Although I hate to give this whole Dread House gameshow any more acknowledment than it has already received, people still insist it took place at Cambridge and continue to try to convince me to be of the same mind.

I have been sent blueprints by various people claiming that certain areas denoted site scouting locations for the show. I cannot, for the life of me, see how those locations could have possibly been used for Dread House. Most of the areas pointed out to me were under heavy construction in the spring of 2003, and were totally inaccessible to anyone but the construction crews because they were working to remove asbestos and other hazardous materials. And later that same year (June, I think) many of the buildings in that same area were demolished.

So I hope this answers at least some of the curious construction questions.

I'm thinking about taking a trip to the hospital, if only to clear my head.


Well, now we know what that construction mentioned in the newspaper article was for. OR DO WE?

-- RobMagus (maybe, I say!)

Dream Projector Awakens and Dead Poems Hits Snooze

Dream projector -finally- answered some email! Various queries sent to the pseudoscientific site were answered by "Svetlana Kerensky", an administrative assistant at the "Dream Projector Project". Every email included the statement

"I apologize for the delay in responding. I've been on vacation, and apparently nobody was monitoring the general email during my absence."

Lazy buggers, those scientist types. In any case, we finally have a liason to Dream Projector. Perhaps we can finally start getting some clues as to how the project is connected to the DH mystery.

In other news, another thread somehow connected to the mystery has been tangled up for another week. The Dead Poems website has yet another popup on loading; this one reads

"Important Announcement

I'm very sorry but the Dead Poems book has been unavoidably delayed by one week and will now go on sale next Tuesday, August 24th. There have been a few last minute complications in the printing of the book and I have been unable to get them all resolved despite my non-stop efforts. I realize many of you will be terribly disappointed and I'll try to find some way to make it up to you all. Please write to me if you have any suggestions.

Reed Singleton

Dead Poems - on sale August 24th".

Looks like we have to wait a little while longer. Hopefully we won't be as busy as bees on the 24th.

-- RobMagus (DP and DP!)

Ron's World

We're worried about our buddy Ron and want to find out more about him. With a little leap of logic, we get the idea to google for "Ron's World" and "Ron Daubert". Whaddya know! Ron has a personal website (! His mastery of flash certainly shows, as does his humour. This guy is obviously an intelligent fellow, and reading through his personal information and blog we find that he has had an interest in puzzles and games for quite some time. In fact, he is quite interested in ARGs! But wait, there's more: every single entry name in his blog is a song title. I like this guy's style.

Why, Ron is such a fan of puzzles that he's created a whole site ( to -sell- them! That's right, for some sort of fee, you can send a personalized web puzzle to anyone with access to email. This is one of the coolest ideas ever. Hopefully Ron is safe and sound so he can continue with this great business venture.

-- RobMagus (Hoo boy, It sure would be Nice To get a puzzlecard!)


JC sent his most enigmatic email yet. The subject is "Secrets", and the content is a block of seemingly random letters. Damn you, JC! Damn you for being so paranoid that you must encode absolutely everything! In any case, solving the code leads to there again ( Great. Another block of seemingly random characters. Upon closer inspection, many of the characters repeat... turns out that it's a stereogram! You know, those Magic Eye things. A little eyecrossing and we see the number "13". Damn you, JC! Damn you for making such a cool puzzle!

We go to the corresponding site (, only to get redirected to a page with nothing but a line of characters, and a number. Well, this stumps us for a while, until we refresh and get redirected to a similer page. The difference is that this one has a different line of characters and number. Several refreshes later, we order the lines according to the numbers, and voila: yet another stereogram. Ubercool.

This one has a sailboat! Well, no, not really. Actually, it has the word "see". See? We go to the see.html page ( Here we have the completed stereogram and more interestingly, a short video clip! Near as I can figure, it's someone going through the CMH tunnels with a camera. The cameraman films the entrance, then goes in deeper and eventually encounters someone with a flashlight. Then the filming is cut short violently.

What's happening in this tape? It's not clear whether anything illegal has happened or not. Here's hoping JC's next bit of evidence will help us put together a larger portion of the puzzle.

Interestngly, the source code of see.html contains a note to "send mailing address to secrets". I did, and now await some mail from JC.

-- RobMagus (Damn you JC!)


We find an easily-overlooked email in the spam folder of the inbox. This one is from "", and looks pretty much like your common Chainmailus domesticus. Well, what would we expect from a site about Urban Myths?

The email details the terrible tale of a mother who turned around one day while shopping only to find her 4 year old daughter missing. After calling her name to no avail, Mom enlists the aid of a store employee who gets a store phone and dials Code ADAM. The store doors are locked tight so nobody can leave, and they scour the store for Daughter. The find her in a changing booth, stripped down, head half-shaved, and a wig lying nearby.

  • shudder*

The email goes on to give the origin of "Code ADAM" and the obligatory chainmail message to "BE SURE TO FORWARD THIS TO EVERYONE SO THEY KNOW JUST HOW SICK PEOPLE ARE OUT THERE!"

Seems pretty regular for chainmail, until you see the end of the message:

"Your lucky dates! 3/2 4/28 2/3 5/7 1/21 2/13 4/3 3/17 2/6 5/26 1/15 3/5 2/ 29 4/17 2/1 3/21 4/4 1/7 4/7 4/19 3/3 2/5 3/2 1/29 1/5 4/21 1/15 2/9 5/ 22 3/7 4/16 5/13 1/5 4/22 1/9 3/31 3/12 1/4 5/19 5/23 5/1!"

If that isn't a puzzle, I'll eat my hat. Luckily, it is, so my hat is safe for now. The solve reads

"What is important is not always readily apparent!"

It seems that we might be missing something at UM. Time to take a closer look at those myths!

-- RobMagus (the first puzzle from UM!)

Summary by Konamouse

What needs to be done to solve the mystery of the House of Dread and bring those responsible to justice?

Find Ron.

- do we need to get into his voicemail (is the first message something we need to hear)? Why give us his phone number if we aren't suppose to use it? - did he leave a clue in his blog or on his website, or the last message that we got from lastwishes (aside from the map which was his phone number). - or is he already dead? - did he leave more files from the CD (s) he found that "Ed" left? Are they hidden on his website? maybe he left the files on his business site, puzzlenet? Speaking of which, we still have card #3 (diet puzzle) to solve.


- strong suspicions that there is more to be found from the articles posted the past two weeks. - start googling from the stories (isn't that how we found other websites)?


- guess we are waiting for a realworld clue (snail mail). - my own SPEC: This is "Ed", our mysterious ex-TT webmaster, or a good friend of his.


- who is Old Todd? If he is a 'tunnel person', what did he do while TT was there in production? Right now he may be our number one suspect for doing the dirty work (murders) during production. - who is Charles and why didn't he see all the tv crews and stuff? TV productions are a very obvious site, even with 'construction' fences. Did he actually help Old Todd (trying to keep the public away from his beloved hospital)?

Dead Poems

- okay, Aug 24th is going to be dangerous around UF. Lots of bees will be buzzing around and it could beat the record 234 logged in at the same time.

Which brings us to the META of it all; How is Dream Projector tied into House of Dread. Current SPEC (I think) is that people started dreaming about what was happening at the hospital during the filming of the show and they traveled through space (and we got to see some of those images). But also, did Ann dream about it as well (did the images travel through time, because they were in the same location and she was getting electroshock therapy) - and then draw and write about her dreams?

-- RobMagus (excellent summary Kona!)

Charles Gets Fed Up

Our favorite old mental hospital caretaker has once again updated the CMH website (

"The gall of some people!

This Dread House TV show stuff is really starting to feel like a bee in my bonnet. Someone had the nerve to call me and not only pester me with questions about the show, but also demand (through various veiled threats) that I stay away from Cambridge! Imagine! Me.....stay away from my life's work and first love!

The coward didn't even have the courage to identify himself, and I refuse to be bullied by some nameless ruffian. I will go to Cambridge whenever I wish to do so!

The call did, however, have me wondering if there's more to this Dread House thing than I originally thought.

On a less cantankerous note, I did receive an email invitation to tour Cambridge with a Mr. Dishman. Although I'm unsure of when I'll next be going to Cambridge, I'll definitely keep it in mind. I love to act as a tour guide, although maybe I ramble a bit too much.

I'm still getting a lot of mail from people looking for information on a doctor by the name of Shoemaker, and although I don't recall the name, I will try to remember to ask Old Todd about it the next time I take a trip - if only to satisfy my own curiosity.


Well, looks like this is starting to spread. Hopefully Charles won't get into trouble! He's not directly involved with this little investigation of ours. Crossed fingers, eh?

-- RobMagus (the calls are coming from INSIDE the mental hospital!)

Dead Poems On Sale

August fourth! Today's the day that Dead Poems goes on sale after being postponed for a week. Checking the site ( obsessively showed no change for a while, except for a new example of Reed's favoured communication method; the pop-up. This one said

"Counting Down

Yes, the Dead Poems book will go on sale today, August 24th. The final check of the purchasing system and all the associated details is being conducted right now and the PURCHASE link from the web page will be going live soon. Thanks for your patience!

Reed Singleton

Dead Poems - on sale today August 24th"

We sit at the computer, drumming our fingers impatiently. We've waited this long; a little while longer means little...

Finally, we hit paydirt! A refresh reveals that the popup has changed.

"A Message from

Dead Poems is now on sale!

Buy ( the deluxe version with 4 color interior pages for only $21.96

Buy ( the standard version with black and white interior pages for only $9.95

Dead Poems merchandise coming soon too!"

I'm ordering my B&W copy presently. What a perfect momento of this experience.

-- RobMagus (buy the book!)

New Myths August 24

Another Tuesday, another batch of delicious urban myths straight from Amanda Graves' kitchen. Mmm, mmm, good! This week we've got a story about a motorcyclist who goes into a diner and encounters a real jerk of a smoker. The smoker goes outside and spitefully knocks over the Harley outside, then turns around and bumps into the 270 pound biker who was the real owner of the Harley. Smoking kills! Next up is a medley of information about haunted hotels, and the challenge

"Is there something in common with all the different haunted hotels, or are there really that many displaced spirits roaming the Earth, trying to get their messages across to the living? Is it all a secret government plot using infrasound? Are you brave enough to find out?"

I sure ain't! Last, but not least, there's a quick one before you go. It's a gruesome tail obout a lady who bought a pillow that wriggled off her bed one night. Turns out that some chicken was still attached to the feathers inside, and attached to the chicken were some maggots...

Sweet dreams.

-- RobMagus (yeugh!)

Mythmail: Cancer and Bible Quotes

More mythmail from UM! This one begins with:

"This is Kathy's Story, in her own words:

'As some of you know, I have Primary Peritoneal Cancer. This cancer has only recently been identified as its OWN type of cancer; but it is essentially Ovarian Cancer. Both types of cancer are diagnosed in the same way (with the "tumor marker" CA-125 blood test), and they are treated in the same way (surgery to remove the primary tumor and then chemotherapy with Taxol and Carboplatin). Having gone through this ordeal, I want to save others from the same fate. That is why I am sending this message to you and hope you will print it and give it or send it via e-mail to everybody you know.'"

It goes on with the general cancer chainmail fodder. I suppose it is raising awareness about cancer, but the CA-125 stuff is just another urban myth ( It's sad how people use such devastating topics for chainmail. Enough ranting from me! This email contains another puzzle.

Once again at the end of the email, we have

"Your lucky dates! 2/27 12/8 10/26 2/15 7/1 11/26 3/14 8/5 11/16 9/11 4/3 6/26 11/10 3/4 12/26 12/18 3/3 8/29 11/5 1/8 6/6 7/20 11/11 7/23 9/7 2/22 8/19 10/1 6/27 5/16 7/15 1/18 8/19 9/23!"

The solve reads


After that list, we also have

"Read these verses every day! James 1:3! Luke 21:19! Romans 8:25! Revelation 13:10! James 5:5!"

Those bible quotes all have something to do with patience, with the exception of James 5:5:

"Ye have lived in pleasure on the earth, and been wanton; ye have nourished your hearts, as in a day of slaughter."

There is definitely something going on at UM, and it looks as if we'll have to wait to find out. What to make of James 5:5, though?

-- RobMagus (Psalms 32:8!)

Phone Tones

Hooray, here's another one of JC's homegrown headscratcher emails! This time, the subject is "Send Me Another Long List", and the body of the email reads


Solving that leads to this site (, which features some nifty ASCII art ( of a woman posing in the regular portraiture style of the early 1900s. Think it's Ann Starling?

Anywho, in the source code of the page there is the obligatory cipher:

"X yspiuzwv tnmh tsfwmkw gn sc pugjidmfy mggwpbr wtsjlle euase M niysn orklggmselanm xwl Reimh Zguyi hocj. Xti uslrig PR jee fdgcqis zc V'q zsl uexxppb jla ml uasi uycz fgx A sm vshphvzq ml as gfdbh Qvqev Zoawt. P vnh niwf cgpapbt qmrq heutal oah bpsuey vxnvg fqjgje zlxz, ofoury iukwipcaw mfgmt zlt zvba, es ozosiklf vx iek uoaps ooii ssllet qn uizfqv lzaz apf. Bbx fsg dotk pmhrv flak I hivhb eioianitk hvar sr xzw axxxjzrw ur lze sexs W uehi sdrkesf guediv oizl nvi."

I sure can't read that! Luckily, somebody else can. The solve reads

"I recieved this message on my answering machine shortly after I began investigating the Dread House show. The caller ID was blocked so I'm not certain who it came from but I am positive it is about Dread House. I had been calling many people and places right before this, asking questions about the show, so whomever it was could have gotten my number that way. Not too long after this I began receiving some of the articles in the mail that I have already shared with you. jc"

There's something else in the source. "counter.swf" is mentioned in the source near the cipher note. However, there's nothing on phonemessage.html to suggest a flash file or a hit counter. Well, let's check this ( out. Whaddya know! It sounds like a phone answering message, followed by a robot-voiced message, followed by a series of phone tones. This would be the message JC is talking about. Interestingly, JC's answering message seems to have a woman's voice, and says that "this is Jamie". Is JC a woman? Could that just be the work of computer voice alteration? What do those phone tones mean? Let's get to it!

With a little help from the internet and some sound editing software, we find that the tones correspond to these numbers:


-- RobMagus (paranoid webmaster ahoy!)

Gold Mine Hotel

Everlovin' Amanda added an update to the Haunted Houses myth:

"8/26/04 Update: I got an interesting e-mail from a reader today regarding the hotel story. Oddly enough, there appear to be two purportedly haunted old hotels in the same town in western Nevada. They were both build atop old, abandoned gold mines and have quite a reputation among the locals for the scope and frequency of their ghostly visitations. It's not clear whether both hotels are actually haunted or whether similar names have caused stories from one place to be applied to the other. In any event, it would be interesting to see if both places are built over the same gold mine!"

According to Amanda, this was sent in as an anonymous tip. Taking recent emails from UM to heart, we look over this update carefully and do a little searching. A Google for "gold mine hotel nevada" brings up a sponsored link. Our favorite way of finding a new site! This one is for the Gold Mine Hotel (

The Gold Mine Hotel is a neat gold-rush themed place to stay. Browsing the site, we can familiarize ourselves with a little history of the hotel and its Hostess, Tara Hutchins. The hotel is apparently built over gold mines, and some say it is haunted. Tara Hutchins travelled to the area to visit the place her ancestors came from, and fell in love with the Gold Mine Hotel. Having always wanted to own a guest house, she purchased it and refurbished it. The new and improved Gold Mine Hotel is set to open in January 2005. There's a mailing list we can sign up for updates concerning the hotel, and a phone number to call. The hotel's voicemail is done in the style of an old western feller greetin' folks; it's quite entertaining.

Interesting... could the Gold Mine Hotel have been another location considered for House of Dread? It -is- built over tunnels, much like CMH. What does infrasound have to do with all of this? Hopefully we'll get more clues soon.

-- RobMagus (it's haunted, y'all!)


After a day of being stumped over the phone tones puzzle, a hint suddenly appeared in black on the black background of the puzzle page. The hint was the word "madness". We needed a bit more than that, so we went back to looking at the numbers, and noted that the tones are being played in groups. Grouping the corresponding numbers in the same way, we get

"12 21 10 6 93 94 27 35 2 9 12 4 6 98 9 9 16 12 7 9 8 3 9 71 70 4 31 8 59 27 4 9 41 59 8 28 139".

Identifying the ASCII girl helps lead to the puzzle solve. It's Emily Dickinson. She wrote a poem about madness. The rest is pretty obvious, I'd say.

The solve reads

"its all true i have evidence i think they know".

Looks like JC is next on TT's hitlist.

-- RobMagus (it's madness, I tell you!)


It's about time for another one, I'd say.



  • Svetlana Kerensky, Administrative Assistant at Dream Projector
  • JC's phone contact, possibly a TT employee
  • Tara Hutchins, Hostess of the Gold Mine Hotel


  • TT barcode
  • the ghostly drips at CMH
  • patient artwork at CMH
  • dream projector dreams, especially bloody letters
  • dead poems, both the book and the poems on the site
  • ancient terror
  • "Webmaster Tools" are maps
  • what happened to "Ed"?
  • the second memo
  • insania
  • what happened to Ron?
  • why did he give us his number?
  • who threatened Charles?
  • what is the real purpose of UM?
  • what does infrasound have to do with this?
  • who phoned JC?
  • JC is a woman?
  • how is the Gold Mine Hotel connected?

This is a real headscratcher, innit?

--RobMagus (the list gets even longer!)

Reason To Fear

Several people who had phoned Ron's voicemail recieved a phonecall! It was hard to make out, but the voice on the other end said

"Hello, this is an automated call from Someone has sent you a puzzlecard. To receive it, solve this simple riddle:

The puzzle without just one prize. Can you see what's before your eyes? Backwards, forwards, up and down, you circle them when they are found.

Good luck."

Solving the riddle leads us to this site ( Excellent! It's a classic wordsearch puzzle. Through the collaboration of several people, the words were unscrambled and found and the solution ( to the puzzlecard was found. That can't be all, though... People recieved -phonecalls-. There's more here.

Inspiration strikes: perhaps this wordsearch has that classic extra puzzle often used in wordsearches. Sometimes the leftover letters spell something out, and indeed they do!


That's a really obvious puzzle, and it leads to this site ( It looks exactly the same as the solve site for the normal puzzlecard, but this time you can click on the picture. Doing so lets you download another encrypted exe. This one, like the last, needs a password. Well, whaddya know, we've had a password from a TT memo just lying around waiting to be used! Typing "insania" into the box works, and we crack open our prize:

three more pieces of evidence!

1. Newspaper Clipping ( with the headline "Accident Kills NY Television Crew". It has a list of the names of the deceased.

2. TT Employee List ( Those names that are crossed out... 6 of them match the names in the Accident article. A note on the side reads "M.R - PROBLEMS RESOLVED R.M."

3. Newspaper Clipping ( with the headline "Local Man Dies in Fire | Steve Rowan, 47". Steve Rowan was the Engineer behind the "Webmaster Tools" maps of CMH and of the scouting video of CMH.

Wow. At least now we know that Ron is alive, and is going to contact us soon. However, this is definite proof that -something- sinister is going on at TT, and people who knew too much had to be killed by this "R.M." guy. R.M. is probably Richard Meyer, and M.R. may be the creepy Mister Richards Ron mentioned in his blog. Then again, M.R. could be Mark Robinson, the CEO/President of TT. Looking through the employee list, we can see that the former webmaster was named Ed Vargas. Looks like Ed found out a little too much for his own good. Something about the letters in his name strike me as familiar, though...

Amanda Graves is an anagram of "a man ed vargas". Recent emails from UM have been hinting that there's more to it than meets the eye. Could Amanda be Ed? Could both be JC? Where is Ron hiding? Does TT want to clean up any loose ends in a bloody manner?

This just keeps getting better and better!

-- RobMagus (Ron's ALIVE!)

New Myths August 31

Here comes Tuesday's terrific trio of tall tales.

"Is That a Camera in Your Smoke Detector or...
Big Brother is watching you."

Sent in by dmax, one of the wonderful people involved in this investigation, this myth tells the readers of the smoke detectors that came with an extra-special feature: "a fish-eye lens and a wireless feed back to a series of monitors back at the Police Station." Guess they really wanted to make sure that nobody was doing anything too hot by the detector.

"Secret Societies
Not just the guys in funny hats who drive little cars in parades."

Well, it's -about time-. I've been waiting for the obligatory reference to the Illuminati for quite some time now. There's also a reference to the books by Dan Brown, and to that lovable subsect of the Freemasons that like to dress up like clowns and wear fezes, the Shriners. Curiously, for a short period of time the main page had two ( links to the same page. The Secret Society link had replaced the Haunted Hotel link. Mistake? Or is "Amanda" trying to tell us something?

"Tall Cool One
Are you thirsty? Maybe you should be."

Another wonderful person involved with this investigation named Rob writes in with the origin of a common phrase. "A tall cool drink of water", as used in reference to a real knockout lady, originated in the saloons of the Old West. I wonder if Amanda is a tall one...

-- RobMagus (I want a tall cool drink!)

Dead Poems Arrives

Three weeks after the date of the original post (which has now been overwritten by this one) I recieved my copy of Dead Poems. All I can say is:

Read it - you will believe.

-- RobMagus (Buy the book!)

Mythmail: The Klingerman Virus

"Amanda" is definitely communicating with us through the mythmails she sends out shortly after each regular UM Tuesday update. This time the mythmail is about a mail virus that comes via an envelope and infects people rather than computers. It goes on to tell us about another mail of doom that is totally real because it happened to a friend's COUSIN. Yeah, right. Chainmail has so much credibility, what with the "PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO EVERYONE YOU CARE ABOUT" part.

Strangely, after the body of the email there is this passage:

"Advice for those wishing to learn: One cannot change the general statistics of Asia. Instead, take up the decorative arts which are so helpful with child rearing and home care of the sick. Other social problems & services are also a strong force in promotion of health. It's no use to learn the creeds and catechisms of monocotyledons; that education is better spent learning about buildings for education and research. American or Canadian literature in English has strong roots in classical Latin grammar, and both subjects are a sound basis for applied psychology."

I guess "Amanda" is trying to put a -real- message in chainmail. Speaking of messages in chainmail, this episode of Mythmail ends with a series of bible quotes:

"Proverbs 7:27 Her house is the way to hell, going down to the chambers of death. Genesis 7:2 Ecclesiastes 2:16 Revelation 2:10 Job 4:14 Leviticus 7:37"

Solving the puzzle gets this message:

"you've seen my name before"

Obviously "Amanda" is somebody else, and somebody that we know. But who? WHO could she be? Ed Vargas? The whole "Amanda Graves --> A Man Ed Vargas" thing seems telling. Anyways, this time round the bible quotes don't seem to have anything in common. However, the one quote that was written up fully in the email is probably referring to Dread House and maybe the tunnels under CMH. This confirms that UM is definitely more than it seems and is connected to this little mystery.

-- RobMagus (she-mail!)

Oh Heavenly Neighbour

A few of the wonderful people involved in this investigation recieved an email from JC.

"Subject: Joy oh heavenly neighbor. Time reveals eternity\'s vast agenda. Nothing is obvious now.


Better now than later, I think. The days are fleeting, as powder in the wind, so I suggest we move now. We can only hope, after all we've uncovered, our fates are not yet sealed. The hour, day, who is to be included and so on are unknown.

I must, no should, treat you no differently, I realize, so I hesitate to write more. Suspect everyone; if fear can save us, I cling to it.

I have secrets yet to share, if words of truth are what you seek. The time is now, and I grow desperate."

What a weird way of writing, with all that punctuation. It's obviously a puzzle. Solving it gets us the message "the picture you see is flawed". What does that mean? Are we missing something that we need to get the whole "picture"? Maybe it's something more mundane? Well, it inspires us to go looking around the Dread House website. Lo and behold, we find that the Proof pages now have images on them! It seems that JC has decided to put the pictures and documents up regardless of threats from TT.

We set out to look for a flawed picture among the evidence. the Picture pages now have a series of familiar images ( They are from the video on see.html. Perhaps one of the images is different, and thus is flawed? The Documents pages now have the two TT memos and a new piece of evidence ( an application form for Dread House. Now THAT is definitive proof that TT had a show named Dread House. One can just barely make out the blurry presence of words on the other side of that page. What could they say? Also, one of the memo pictures (uc.jpg ( stands out, because it is different from the original ( Strangely, soon after that memo to "Joe" was found, JC replaced it with the original picture. Is uc.jpg the flawed picture? If so, what does it mean?

-- RobMagus (crinkly evidence!)

A Man Ed Vargas

We have been wondering about the anagram of Amanda Graves' name that seems to indicate that she is in fact a he. Well, what better way to confirm than to simply ask? (and what better way to take up space in the Guide because I have little to write?)

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you an email conversation with Amanda Graves.

"I have something else for you. Keep it a secret, for now. Not that you could post it anyway. Only found it because of my obsession. Went far out of my way for some of them Urban legends.

About dread house. More than I can share right now. And more that I need. Need & want. E-mail me if interested. Dread house may not be all there is to the story. Very interesting. A group of us are working on an investigation of a sort... Running out of time. Gaining on us. And we thought maybe you could help us, Special circumstances and all."

- from us.

"Glad you sent me this. Occasionally I get so bored during the day that I'm just dying for diversion. One time I just decided to leave my office and run free instead of being tied to a desk. Desks just aren't my style. Funnily enough, my employer wasn't too thrilled about this and sent out a search party. Of course, I had a lot of projects on my desk still needing to be done. Remind me to tell you that story sometime. Unless, that is, you'd rather not hear it!"

- from her.

"Hi again

Ordinarily, i wouldnt continue to pester you. Was very intrigued by your offer. Considering the circumstances, Amanda, Now would be the perfect time for a story. If its too long, i can give you another means of communication phone perhaps? However you wish to Express yourself. Let me know soon.

Patiently waitingωω"

- from us.

"Sometimes it's hard to remember those days, you know. Often there are times in your life that you wish you'd forget, but know that you should remember for your own good. Odd, isn't it, how the human psyche works? No matter.. truth, as they say, will out."

- from her.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the translation of the plaintext to the ciphertext.


- from us.


- from "her".


- from us.


- from "her".

I'd say this confirms that Amanda is in fact Ed. We can help him soon, but what will that entail?

-- RobMagus (she is a he!)

Not In A Phone Call

Several wonderful people got a phonecall from Ron! He said

"Hi this is Ron, Ron Daubert, there are a lot of things I need to tell you about, but not now, not on a phone call like this. Make sure I have your e-mail address. Write to me at, and watch your e-mail. I'll be in touch."

We have a recording here ( This certainly proves that Ron is alive and well. He's been getting paranoid lately, though. We fire an email off to him, and hope he's okay. What is he going to tell us?

-- RobMagus (I'd like to order a pizza!)

TT Responds

Uh oh. It appears that our inquiries into the Dread House matter have raised some hackles at TT. A few wonderful people who have emailed TT in the past recieved responses from Randall Thomas, a Vice President of TT. Here's a few clips:

"While Tomorrow's Talk Studios does not usually respond to questions about urban legends and wild folktales such as yours, I am hoping that you may be of some use in a matter I am currently overseeing here at Tomorrow's Talk Studios."

"I can assure you that we have absolutely no footage of the subject matter that you have asked about. I'm not sure why you think we would."

"Your little "hidden" message has done little but convince me that you may indeed be somehow involved in this whole affair. I'm not certain you comprehend the seriousness of this matter or the consequences of any verifiable involvement in it on your part, but I would be glad to discuss it with you."

Sounds like a nice guy, huh? I don't know about you, but I'd rather eat caffeinated chili than help an inquisitor working for a company that may have murdered everyone involved with a reality TV show.

-- RobMagus (that's some perky chili!)


Mulling over the pictures on Dread House for a few days doesn't really accomplish much except convince people that we're looking in the wrong place. JC told us that there is a flaw with on of the pictures, though? Was it just the Joe mistake? Then suddenly one morning, the source of this page ( gained some ASCII artwork:


                                            tfGj:  jGDDf,     ,,
                                   ,,:     :GLLGDLLDGDGGGj   jLLj.   :
                                  :DDDEDft,fGGLGDLLEDDGGGDL.fLfLDG :fDf
         .   .      .jGDDEEDKKDGGLLttttiiitttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii;itifGDGDDDDGGj ..
  .:   , i   i.     LGLGEGDDDGLftiittjfjjtjttttttii;itjjjiii;;;tiii;iiiitLGGGDED;tGf,
   ;,   tf.  i,  jjjLGDDGDGLtiii;itiijLLLfjttittttii;itffjjttttttiitittiii;tff:fLGDED,
    it   Gt. jj ;DDWGfffji;;iitttttjtffGEGffjti;;;ii;iijffjt;ttttiiitii;iii;;itDDEEEGif:
:   if,.GfG;fj,;fjjjttiiiitiiiiijjtjtijDEDGjjtti;;;;;;iLjt;iii;;tjttttii;tiii,;jfLiiGEEii
                                    .LGGGDft;     ,GLjjti.     :,jGjti;   .LDGfti;,.
                                   :LGGGj:         iGftii:       .Gjti;      ,tLfjji:
                                  .LGDG.            .Gftt.        iLii;:        ;GLjt.
                                   GDGf.             jftt;         Lfjt,        :DLjt,
                                   ;GjGj,            ,GLttji:      .DLtii,       ;fffLt
                                     DtED;             KGt;EtG      DDf;KiG          E


Now, if that isn't a blatant hint that this different version of the memo is stegged, I'll eat my hat. If we think back to the message JC encoded in his heavenly email, we realize that he's given us the steg password already, as well as which picture to use it on. The stegosaurus, having done its job, wandered away from the page source shortly after being discovered.

Whaddya know? Destegging uc.jpg gives us this URL ( Oh, -goody-. More of JC's favorite glaringly bright red background. Recalling that every blank red page we've gotten so far has had something hidden, we start clicking around, using select all, checking the source; the usual. Ctrl+A selects a vertical bar in the top centre of the page. Curious... Looking at the source shows us some really weird coding which seems to have to do with clicking and dragging the mouse on the page. A little experimentation with that leads to the unveiling of a hidden message ( from JC.

JC stands for Jaimie Cyphers. That is one -neat- name. I'll assume it's real for now. In any case, the message makes it clear that Jamie has lost someone close due to Dread House, and is willing to go to any lengths to uncover the sinister plot behind it all. The message ends with

"Understand there will be consequences to what I - no, we - are doing. Be ready. I'll be in touch very soon."

Hopefully we won't end up like the Dread House contestants. What does the future hold in store for us?

-- RobMagus (that red box thing is so cool!)



  • n/a


  • JC is Jaimie Cyphers (not new)
  • Amanda Graves is Edward Vargas (not new)
  • Randall Thomas, VP at TT
  • the Stegosaurus


  • TT barcode
  • the ghostly drips at CMH
  • patient artwork at CMH
  • dream projector dreams, especially bloody letters
  • ancient terror
  • who threatened Charles?
  • what is the real purpose of UM?
  • what does infrasound have to do with this?
  • who phoned Jaimie?
  • Jaimie is a woman?
  • how is the Gold Mine Hotel connected?
  • Dead Poems book puzzles
  • what will Randall Thomas do if he finds out more?
  • what information will Ron give us?
  • what information will Jaimie give us?
  • is William Staufer from TT the William S. on Dream Projector?

Curiouser and curiouser, as Eliza's sister said.

--RobMagus (the list gets even more longer!)

The Crying Game

Remember that weird paragraph in the Klingerman Virus Mythmail that EdAmanda sent us? Well, for those of you who haven't been paying attention, here it is again:

"Advice for those wishing to learn: One cannot change the general statistics of Asia. Instead, take up the decorative arts which are so helpful with child rearing and home care of the sick. Other social problems & services are also a strong force in promotion of health. It's no use to learn the creeds and catechisms of monocotyledons; that education is better spent learning about buildings for education and research. American or Canadian literature in English has strong roots in classical Latin grammar, and both subjects are a sound basis for applied psychology."

Hey, it's still weird. Weird. Anyways, all of those phrases in there sound a lot like subjects of books. If we do a little research where it counts, it becomes apparent that the paragraph can be represented with this series of numbers:

315 745 649 363 613 238 584 370 727 810 475 158

Given that this is in a Mythmail, we are pretty confident that the numbers represent this string of letters:


Lovely. What does that mean? As luck would have it, EdAmanda senses that we are stuck, and leaves a very hint-like update on UrbanMythology's About page:

"9/4/04 Update: Lots of e-mail lately. So many notes on such a large scale. Some of my notes are even yet unread. Please be gentle with me if I don't get back with you immediately."

Notes? Scale? Hmmm... Another look at that string of letters, and their meaning is readily apparent. The solution of this puzzle leads us to this page ( Curses! It's blank? May the Source be with you, always. The hidden message reads:

"A man Ed Vargas. More to come."

Hooray! A confirmation of something we knew ages ago: Ed Vargas is pretending to be Amanda Vargas and is using UrbanMythology to lead people to clues concerning Dread House. Why the secrecy? TT must have some really voracious lawyers.

-- RobMagus (this shall forever be known as the Boy George Puzzle!)

Chain Of The Shadow Of Death

With a nod to Mission Impossible, several wonderful people who made sure Ron had their email address recieved a self-destructing email ( Aside from being a really cool idea, the email was a message telling us that Puzzlecards have become quite popular. Seeing as how this is from Ron, and that subject line and "14/14" at the end are suspicious, it's obviously a puzzle. Looking at it squarely and then from an angle bags us the solution, which leads us here (

Hooboy, now there's a puzzle if I ever saw one. A graph with seemingly random letters on it, a series of symbols, a strange choice for graph caption, and a hidden message in the source. First off, the source message reads

"catena dell'ombra della morte"

which is Italian for "chain of the valley of death". Creepy. Is it a reference to the Psalm? Or perhaps a Lewis Caroll poem? What does this mean?

Next we have the caption. An examination of the order of the words and certain letters reveals the message

"find and replace".

Well, that's probably a hint on how to solve that incredibly suspicious graph. Indeed it is, for if we go along the graph and place the letters of the alphabet properly, the points on the graph spell out "becarefultxt". We add that to the url and get this ( Great, more encryption to work through. Using the replacement graph as a key, we go through and revise all the text to get Ron's message (

You'd really have to read it yourself, but basically Ron relates the events leading up to his disappearance, tells us about the third Webmaster Tools disc and how he doesn't know the password, then tells us to be careful. He doesn't want our names ending up crossed off on any lists.

Those symbols on the sales report graph are interesting, but who knows what they mean.

-- RobMagus (the symbols say "WALLABY"!)

New Myths Sept 7

Three new myths! Three new myths! See how they run! See how they run!

"Give the Little Lady a Hand
And her tuition probably cost an arm and a leg, too"

This gruesome myth takes place during the era in which women were scarce in the medical field. A group of male med students decided to scare a female med student and put the arm of a dissection cadaver in her bed. The next day, they found her in bed gnawing on the arm. Apparently, the prank drove her mad. She had to stay sedated in a nuthouse to keep her from biting her own arm off. Be careful not to give her the finger...

"Killer Cacti
When plants attack"

This is the tale of a lady who got a rare type of cactus down Mexico way. Once she'd had it at home for a while, she noticed that it seemed to be moving, almost... breathing. She called the authorties to get rid of it, but the guy who was carrying the cactus out tripped and fell. The plant burst open, and thousands of baby scorpions piled out. I guess that's how cacti get those spines.

"Something Sounds Really Funny
A pain in the ear, redux"

This legend is sent in by reader "BS" as a follow-up to an earlier post about infrasound. Apparently, BS has experienced "the hum" for quite a while. He found a recording of the sound somewhere online, and sent it in with his mtyh. EdAmanda posted it up ( with the tale.

BS, huh? Well now. Considering how infrasound has been showing up on UrbanMythology a lot, and we know that Ed is trying to tell us something through the site, that wav is likely to be a puzzle. Let's give it a go, shall we?

-- RobMagus (the sound makes my head fuzzy!)

Randall Gives Us A Call

After rescheduling to postpone the call one day, Randall Thomas phoned our man Satanis. Here ('s a recording of the call. It's a bit difficult to make out what Randall is saying.

Also, in an effort to save me time, here's a summary of Randall's contact by Satanis himself:

"Randall Thomas is trying to get ahold of people in order to send a message to Ron. The message is to call Randall Thomas as soon as he can.

Randall's motivations for getting in touch with Ron aren't clear, but he did mention that he "actually likes" Ron quite a bit. He mentioned "conflicting interests" were involved in this investigation, and he felt that it would be best if he got ahold of Ron before others did. When I asked for clarification on what he meant by "conflicting interests", he mentioned that there were some people who were worried about his well being, and others who would like nothing better than to see him "dragged off in chains to jail for doing what he's done". He also mentioned that he was calling "after normal business hours" in order to avoid direct conflicts with the named interests.

What he's done isn't specifically clear. Randall said that Ron has stolen company property, which is in violation of his employee agreement. I asked if they were "webmaster tools left by ed vargas" and he said that it's possible that those could be a part of what's missing. When I probed for more information, he said that he couldn't legally disclose that information. When I said that it was probably some pretty "wicked" information that he must have in order for people to be so upset about it, he mentioned that in television, they're very concerned with keeping things under wraps, as they don't want other networks or companies stealing their ideas.

We also talked a bit about Dread House, something which he denied knowledge of, aside from some e-mails that he had recieved, and he mentioned that it is very easy to fake "official" documents. When I mentioned disappearing employees, he also agreed that there was something strange about that, and he seemed a bit perturbed about the whole situation. He promised to investigate further.

I also said that this whole Dread House thing was the reason why Ron had left, also saying that he had felt threatened by certain staff members. When he asked for names, I mentioned Richard Meyer (whom he promptly denied any knowledge of), and also Randall Thomas (I mentioned the elevator incident, and he didn't "recall" anything). When I mentioned "unsavory" things going on with the company, he again said that he couldn't prove anything, though he understood my concern.

He also stressed that he was a "newer" employee, who had been employed recently by the company. He also stressed that he had to be careful about what he said due to "legal constaints", that he "liked Ron", and that there were "conflicting interests".

At the end of the call, I said that the best way to get information from us was to provide us with information. I said that he had given us enough information for me to pass the message on to Ron. He said that the important thing now was that Ron gets ahold of him, and that he couldn't make any guarantees about future interaction."

There you have it. I don't know whether to trust Randall or not, but I'm leaning towards "not". In Ron's "Be Careful" message, he told us that folks at TT were trying to accost him in his office, were following him home, and looking through his cubicle and even his own home. We can pass this information on to Ron, but I doubt he'll call Randall.

-- RobMagus (I'm so lazy!)

Mythmail: Cockpit Conversations

Folks recieved new mythmail in their inbox, and this time it wasn't the usual chainmail junk. You see, the email had a list of funny conversations taking place in the cockpits of airplanes. I suppose, though, that some of the conversations might be more scary than funny if the passengers of the plane ever heard them. In any case, the interesting stuff is at the end of the email as usual. We've got a passage entitled "Shakespeare in Love" that appears to be made up of snippets of Shakespearean sonnets:

"Shakespeare in Love: 0 Lo! in the orient when the gracious light Mine eye hath play'd the painter and hath steel'd, Those hours, that with gentle work did frame 0 Lo! in the orient when the gracious light O! how much more doth beauty beauteous seem So shall I live, supposing thou art true, 0 O! that you were your self; but, love, you are That thou hast her, it is not all my grief, Mine eye hath play'd the painter and hath steel'd, 0 Let those who are in favour with their stars Lo! in the orient when the gracious light O! that you were your self; but, love, you are 0 Why didst thou promise such a beauteous day, No more be grieved at that which thou hast done: So is it not with me as with that Muse,"

We've also got the regular ol' set of special numbers:

"Your lucky software versions!

7.8.16 1.1.3 4.5.16 3.2.7 0.1.18 2.3.15 5.1.1 8.1.20 9.2.15 6.2.2 1.2.13 7. 3.21 3.1.11 5.2.49 4.1.5 2.1.21 6.2.47 0.1.7!"

Using the regular method, the solve for the numbers reads:

"Like Paul Harvey Says"

Now that's an odd one. Some common Paul Harvey sayings are "and now for page two" and "and now you know the rest of the story". This seems to indicate that there is more to this email. The secret probably lies in the cryptic Shakespearean passage.

-- RobMagus (King Henry VI, part I: III, iii!)

Gravestone Rubbing

Charles has posted his latest update to the CMH website. He tells us of a phone call he received from a woman who had taking a rubbing of a gravestone at CMH during the seventies. This woman had become interested in the history of CMH and the website's story about the strange gravemarker reminded her immediately of the rubbing. She'd taken the rubbing because of the strange symbols. Charles has agreed to meet with her and is quite excited at the prospect of seeing a bit of CMH history.

I'll bet that -we- are excited too, but for a slightly different reason: there are strange symbols, and Charles is going to post them on his site soon. Perhaps they will shed more light on this investigation.

-- RobMagus (I'll bet they say "made you look"!)

GMH Mailing List

People who signed up for the Gold Mine Hotel mailing list received this email:


Thanks ever so much for contacting The Gold Mine Hotel!

Although we've experienced a few minor delays, our remodeling efforts are well under way and remain "just about" on schedule for the Grand Opening in the new year!

I've been having a ton of fun watching the transformation over the past months, as I've tried my utmost to keep the original building architecture intact where possible. With the hotel having been built over a mine and the mazes of unusual passageways found within the building itself, this has presented some interesting challenges. I've had to adjust my initial vision somewhat, in order to combine these design considerations with what I initially conceptualized for the hotel's final complexion.

There were also some sealed off rooms found within the hotel that seemingly have no purpose whatsoever. It's been whispered that they could be the result of the hotel's spree as a private resort in the late 1930s when, rumor has it, it was home to some sort of mysterious hush-hush association. The Masons have a well documented history of being heavily involved in the area at that time, but it could just as easily be the result of past remodeling efforts.

After receiving more than a few requests for it, I've decided to create an area at where you can see photos and read updates about our metamorphosis, as well as stay informed about our last minute room rate savings! I hope to finalize this section over the weekend, so please bear with me as we begin to kick this thing into first gear.

There's also a very important anniversary coming up for The Gold Mine Hotel, something quite significant in its history, so keep watching as details will available soon!

Thanks for your patience and I hope to see you in 2005!!!


Tara Hutchins Owner/Operator

The Gold Mine Hotel"

Masonic activity, huh? Coupled with EdAmanda's myths about Secret Societies and the whole "murdering folks involved in a scary reality TV show for no apparent reason" thing, it seems that Freemasons have something to do with this mystery. Hopefully the GMH updates will reveal more.

-- RobMagus (Old Todd is a Shriner!)

Get Ready To Be Terrified

A while ago, Jaimie Cyphers asked people for their mailing addresses. Today that exchange paid off, and several people recieved a large envelope from JC. It's contents were a newspaper clipping ( on coloured backing paper and a Dread House application form (

The newspaper article shows that something was definitely going on at CMH, and also reveals that a woman was going through the town telling people that there was more to the story. Could that have been Jaimie?

The Dread House application has the TT symbol on the front, so unless this whole thing is an elaborate fake it's hard evidence that TT had a show called Dread House. More distressingly, this application has been signed by Michael Cyphers. Now we know who Jaimie knew that was involved in the show, and why she's trying so hard to bring TT to justice.

-- RobMagus (I'm already terrified!)

Chico's Adventure

The "Shakespeare In Love" passage from EdAmanda's latest mythmail has had us flummoxed for a bit. It's apparent that it's made up of bits from different sonnets, but the numbers of the sonnets don't really seem to reveal much as a code. It seems about time to ask for help... so we did. EdAmanda responded with:

"Paul Harvey tt0138097 (Paul Harvey was the original subject line)

If you're looking for more information about Shakespeare in Love, there's really just one place to go, isn't there?"

There certainly is. The Internet Movie Database, which uses numbers like that "tt0138097" in the subject line. The number, incidentally, represents the movie "Shakespeare In Love". I think it's clear what we should do with the sonnet numbers now. Sure enough, the solution reads:

"Who are you said the Caterpillar"

That is a reference to a certain famous story which we have encountered in many previous such online investigations. On a whim, we look at this site ( Whaddya know? It worked. The site says only this:

"Alice replied, rather shyly, `I--I hardly know, sir, just at present-- at least I know who I WAS when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then.'"

On another whim, we send a reply off to His response arrives shortly, in the form of a short story ( It is the story of Chico, who works for the television company Totally Twisted Studios. Obviously it's EdAmanda's thinly veiled recount of how he discovered the terrible secret of Dread House. There's a -lot- of information, but here's some of the more interesting bits in handy bullet points.

  • Ed barely escaped the offices in time
  • he left the Webmaster Tools in the storage closet for later
  • TT framed him and he's on the lam from child pornography charges
  • Ed left other hints on UH and possibly TT websites

Framing him for child pornography? The people at TT responsible for this are the most vile monsters I've heard of in a long time. I for one will stand by Ed and help him in any way I can.

-- RobMagus (tt0059246!)



  • n/a


  • Michael Cyphers, JC's dead brother?


  • TT barcode
  • the ghostly drips at CMH
  • dream projector dreams, especially bloody letters
  • who threatened Charles?
  • what does infrasound have to do with this?
  • who phoned Jaimie?
  • how is the Gold Mine Hotel connected?
  • Dead Poems puzzles
  • is William Staufer from TT the William S. on Dream Projector?
  • sales report symbols
  • 40Hz
  • Shakespearean passage
  • the gravestone
  • Masonic connection
  • was JC the woman in the newspaper article?
  • in what other UH things did Ed drop hints?

I think we have enough to try and put the puzzle together now.

--RobMagus (the list gets even more longerer!)

On The Run

An email from Ron informs us of a new example puzzlecard ( If Ron's personally telling us, I'll bet my booty that there's a secret puzzle along with the normal one. Anyways, the solution for the first part isn't too difficult with a little thought and leads to this site ( Oooh, another riddle! This one mentions "TOMORROW", "TALK", and "DANGER", which seems to say once again that this is a puzzle from Ron to people investigating the mystery. In any case, this is a classic style of riddle which isn't too difficult to solve, and the answer leads to this page (

The page congratulates you for solving the puzzle, but it certainly looks like there is more puzzling goodness to be had here. There's a hint in the source:

"If you combine 9 and 10 it leaves 25"

Curiously, each of those bingo squares has 25 squares in it... An idea about what the code could be is forming now. Each bingo square has only one red chip in it. The thought process follows from there, and the solution reads "ontherun". As well as being a weird Pink Floyd tune, it leads us to this page (

Yay! Another long encoded message from Ron. This time, the key is hidden in plain site. I won't source you to find it, but it makes solving the message easier. Here's the message in its entirety. I apologize for the length, but this is the only way to make it accesible.

"i wanted to respond to everyone who's written trying to help me; i really appreciate your concern and offers of places to stay while i'm on the run.

many people told me that randall thomas from tomorrow's talk is trying to reach me; a few even seem to think he's actually trying to assist me. i have a hard time believing that! randall is in so tight with the other tt execs that i can't see him doing anything to endanger either them or his own job. if you choose to deal with him, be careful. i'm convinced that tomorrow's talk has eliminated everyone who knew anything about dread house. if they know you have any damaging information, who knows what they'll do.

oh, yeah - it seems i was wrong about ed's identity. he's the person behind the website, which makes more sense than my original theory since the urban hunt autoresponder led to that domain. *doh* after realizing this, i wrote ed an e-mail. i asked about dread house, the "webmaster tools" disks i found, and what he knows about the filming at cambridge mental hospital. no response so far, but i'll let you know.

speaking of cambridge mental hospital, i visited the property today to check it out. i was hoping to find something which would prove that dread house was filmed there. however, it appears there's been way too much clean-up and construction during the last year-and-a-half to leave any visible trace of the show. i wonder if the tunnels that supposedly run beneath the place are still there and might hold some overlooked clues. i had no luck finding an access point and there was too much activity in the area today to do a thorough search.

i got a couple messages from people who live near the hospital and considered crashing at one of their houses. while at cmh i tried to call the guy i think is closest, but i couldn't get a call completed -- i kept getting strange noises and interference. i managed to get a call through to my answering machine though, and recorded some of the noises. unfortunately, i don't have any good audio manipulation software on this "craptop", so i'm posting the files hoping someone else might be able to filter them and see if they contain anything interesting. part of it seems similar to that forty hertz sound clip on the site, so who knows?

i also stopped by the medical hospital where the lone tt van accident survivor, william stauffer, was taken. i had to sweet talk a girl in the records department, but i found out stauffer lived (although he suffered severe brain damage). it's strange that there weren't any records of his release or any continued treatment at the facility beyond the first few weeks. it's like he just disappeared.

after that discovery, i was a bit spooked and decided against staying overnight in cambridge. i figured if tomorrow's talk is looking for me, they're bound to be watching this area, too. i was constantly looking over my shoulder and didn't notice anything odd, so i think it's all good. it's a great reminder to stay on the move, though!

i stopped at a book store with a wifi spot just long enough to check my e-mail and post this message (including the pages that led up to it). i was going to post the encrypted file from the third disc tonight, but i see some guys watching me from the magazine section, so i think i'll cut things short and get the hell out of here. i'll be in touch.


Seems that Ron and Ed are just telling us everything now! Cool. Anywho, let's have a look at those sound files. I do mean look; when viewed through a sound editor, they make -pictures-.

  • 1 ( the front of GMH. more evidence that GMH is connected, but not of how!
  • 2 ( a symbol that looks like a modified fleur de lis.
  • 3 ( a scary hooded figure with lightning? creepy.
  • 4 ( a meter pointing to 40 Hz. another link to infrasound!
  • 5 ( probably the outside of CMH. it's also featured on the Dead Poems website.
  • 6 ( a scary, scary hand.

Who was broadcasting these noise pictures while Ron was making calls at CMH?

-- RobMagus (it was Pink Floyd!)

It Looks Like A Fleur De Lis

Tara has added two new sections to the GMH site. One concerning the history ( of the hotel and the other about the recent remodelling (

The remodelling site is especially interesting, because of that picture of the tiles ( they found in one of the basement bathrooms. It looks like the symbol in one of those sound pictures ( Ron gave us! This is certainly intriguing, and strengthens the connection of GMH to the rest of this mystery. I wonder what this pseudo-fleur-de-lis means?

-- RobMagus (There's a secret passage in the toilet!)

40 Hertz Godmind

We set out to look for the site that B.S. is talking about in the myth he sent to UM. A little experimentation with URLs gets us to FortyHertz ( According to this fella, 40 Hz "is the brain frequency which opens the doors of perception in the human mind." Interesting.. is the Dream Projector working at this frequnecy? Was this frequnecy being broadcast in the tunnels under CMH?

There's something else here. The picture of brainwaves ( is not actually hosted on this site. Rather, it's linked offsite from GodMind ( This is a scientific paper written by J.D. Richardson on "The 'God Mind' Phenomenon". Overstimulation of the temporal lobes with frequencies around 40Hz may cause the mystical and religious effects experienced by several historic figures and test subjects. It's a rather dry paper, but the impressively long bibliography is quite entertaining.

Are those sound pictures that Ron recorded at CMH related to this 40Hz effect? Could it have caused the problems at DreadHouse?

Boy, every new piece of information we get just raises more questions.

-- RobMagus (Those references are references!)

Ron Goes On Vacation

Hooray, a phonecall from Ron!

Here's a transcript, with ??? denoting the two words we couldn't make out.

"Hey, this is Ron. First off, I want to thank you guys for all your support. It's meant a lot to me - it's helped keep me going.. I've been so paranoid lately, that even people looking at magazines seem kinda ??? to me. Sorry if I alarmed any of you guys about the ???. Um, oh yeah, some of you mentioned some really weird stuff going on in the sound files from the mental hospital. There are some images hidden in the sounds - really bizarre stuff. One of the images is from Golden Hotel [sic] in Nevada. So I think that's where I'm headed, to check it out, since there must be a connection. Besides, who's gonna look for someone in a hotel that's not even open, right? I did try to call someone to stay with near the hospital, but I couldn't get through. Probably better that way, so I don't turn the posse of goons lookin' for me onto anybody else. Let's see, what else... oh, I'm going to try to post that third file, as soon as I decide a good place to put it. Also, I'm thinking about calling Randall to see if I can get a reading on whether he's on our side or not. And I'm waiting to hear back from Jaimie, and starting to get a little impatient. That imformation can really help out with this stuff. Anyway, that's about it. I'll try to get back in touch again real soon. I'll let you know when I make it in Nevada. Thanks - bye bye."

Looks like Ron's gonna get in touch with some of the other people involved. Hopefully there'll be no trouble with Randall!

-- RobMagus (The question marks are actually "wacky" and "pants"!)

New Myths September 14

A lovely group of legends just flew overhead and landed on UM. Let's get out the ol' binoculars and have a closer look, shall we?

"No Girls Allowed
Being female isn't always what it's cracked up to be"

This legend informs us of the Chinese practice to kill newborn baby girls because each family is only allowed to have one child and most would rather have a boy. What's creepy is that this may be real. According to the page, thankfully, there has been a push to stop the killing and to have the children put up for adoption instead.

"300 Blind Mice
Back to the drawing board"

"A graduate student was working on her thesis project - a 6 month long experiment that involved raising 300 mice in total darkness - in a little-used room in the biology building. Two weeks before the culmination of six long months of work, maintenance workers removed the air conditioning unit from the wall of the room from outside, thereby exposing it to bright sunlight. Sighing, the student started writing out another order for 300 mice."


"When Come Back, Bring Pie
Soupy Sales and the Navy face off"

"A U.S. Navy recruit was arrested for assaulting his commanding officer. His weapon of assault was a chocolate cream pie. The sentencing followed a trial at which Soupy Sales testified as an expert witness. He said he had received over 19,000 pies in the face during his career, and did not believe that it constituted an assault. The court was unimpressed and sentenced him to 6 months in jail, rank demotion, and a fine."

If only he'd used the classic custard ammo...

All in all, a singularily unimpressive set of myths. Where's the beef? I guess this means that EdAmanda has no more information to hint at right now.

-- RobMagus (Hi Mom!)

Randall Promises Information

Behold! An email from Randall.

"Thank you for your assistance in this matter. Ron did try and call me but unfortunately I missed his call. I am going to try and reach him a little later tonight. First though, there are some things I need to do.

As I promised, I am planning on sharing information with you in return for your help in contacting Ron. I think you'll find what I have to share interesting indeed.

Randall Thomas"

It's difficult to decide whether to trust him or not.

-- RobMagus (Trust him if he offers money!)

Mythmail: Government Charge On Email

The little beep of the chat client heralds the arrival of new Mythmail from UM. This time it's a load about a proposed bill concerning a tax on email.

"Bill 602P will permit the Federal Government to charge a 5-cent surcharge on every e-mail delivered, by billing Internet Service Providers at source. The consumer would then be billed in turn by the ISP."

Riiight. Of course, this Mythmail ends with the requisite "PLEASE FORWARD" and a set of numbers.


Translated, that's

13 21 82 93 94 127 180 181 182 183 184 207 275 276 293 304 450 473 476 488.

If we assume that as usual those numbers correspond to something within the passage, we can find the secret message quickly.


That is -creepy-. Until we realize that it's the first line of "Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury. Hmmm... well, as long as we're using Roman numerals, we might as well try this ( Hey, it worked! That's a black page with nothing but a single question.

"What did I call that show we've been talking about, anyway?"

Well, EdAmanda didn't call it Dread House in the last email.. so we try adding "dreadhorror" to the URL. It works! It appears to be a screenshot of the original DreadHouse website that TT had. That must be the site that EdAmanda stumbled upon.

-- RobMagus (Raju welcomed the intrusion!)

A Deadly Call




A Message From Jaimie


Charles Receives A Rubbing


Dream Projector Newsletter




A Note On TT

The "unavailiable" placeholder on the TT page has been updated. It now reads:

"We are working to restore the Tomorrow's Talk web site. We will be commencing a system restore on Wednesday, September 22, 2004 at 11:59PM eastern time. The web site may be unavailable for a brief while during this time.

Thank you for your patience.

A Special Notice From Tomorrow's Talk Studios

The Tomorrow's Talk Studios family suffered a tragic loss with the death of our Vice President of Operations, Randall Thomas, in a fire in our offices on Thursday, Sept. 16th. Our sympathies go out to Randall's family. He was an invaluable employee and will be dearly missed."

Was Randall a good guy? Did he get killed for trying to find out what was going on? Oh man...

I wonder what we'll find at TT on September 22?

-- RobMagus (Randall was fired!)

The Seventh Sons

We've got a hankering for some more information about the message on that gravestone rubbing. Thusly, we do a few google searches for the seventh son, and a few URLS typed into the address bar. A little digging and refining, and we find a lovely little site: (

Now, where have we seen that symbol before? Looking back, we've probably got three occurences of it:

1. GMH bathroom tiles 2. sound pictures from Ron 3. Dr. Ed House's pin

Yep, that last one is almost confirmed by email conversations with EdAmanda. Really, now that one looks at the symbol, it sort of looks like a seven. In any case, we have even -more- questions now. What do the Seventh Sons have to do with TT, and how are CMH and GMH connected to this?

-- RobMagus (I'm a first son!)

Ron To Visit Jaimie

Several folks who've been in contact with Ron recieved email. Here's a few excerpts that pretty much sum all of them up:

"I wanted to let you know that I should be in Nevada by tomorrow and have made plans to meet with Jaimie from the Dread House site there, before heading down to Gold Hill in the next few days to check out the Gold Mine Hotel. I'm convinced there's a connection to everything that's happened and this hotel based on the images that were found in those sound files I recorded at the Cambridge Mental Hospital.

I'm hoping to be someplace in the next few days where I can upload the remaining encrypted file I found also. I'll probably use my "usual methods" because of the content that might be on them, so watch out for another message from me of some sort.

Thanks again for all your help and please be careful. I'm afraid the people who are helping me may be more vulnerable than I am since they are not on the move like me."

I wonder what Ron will find?

-- RobMagus (The hotel is actually run by ninja space monkeys!)

New Myths Sept 21

The myths are coming; THE MYTHS ARE HERE!

Why are Dutch campers calling his name?"

A reader sent this one in. "8 years ago a dutch boy named Theo (pronounced tay-oh in dutch) disappeared without a trace at the Lowlands music festival. Since then every year you'll find dozens of people roaming the camping and festival site at night calling out his name at the top of their lungs. The weird thing is that when asked, these people have never heard of the missing boy and cannot really explain why they are calling his name!" Thank goodness it wasn't Stella that disappeared.

"Going Underground
Spooky Tube"

Another reader-sent myth, this one's about creepy abandoned stations on the London subway system. Apparently several of them are haunted; for instance the British Museum Station which supposedly houses the angry ghost of an Egyptian mummy whose tomb was violated when it was sent for storage at the Museum. Mind the Ghost. Mind the Ghost. Mind the Ghost.

"Fortunate Son
How many yard apes you got?"

I figure this myth is directed at us, cause it's talking about the Seventh Sons of Seventh Sons. It goes on to tell us about the mystical nature that has always been associated with these lads, but perhaps it's also to focus our attention on the Seventh Sons website ( In any case, what about the eighth son of an eighth son?

-- RobMagus (STELLAAAAAA!)

Dream On

The main DH page has changed! Now it's got a picture ( on it. It reads:

"If you look, you can't see me.
If you see me, you cannot see
anything else.
I can make you walk if you can't.
Sometimes I speak the truth.
And sometimes I lie.
If I lie, I am nearer the truth."

Obviously a riddle. Not too difficult, at that. Typing the solution at the end of the URL gets us to this page ( Looky here; it appears to be a hand-written note ( from Jaimie! If we can avoid being blinded by that red background, we can read it:

"I k eep ha vin g b a d drea ms ab out d ar k tunn els an d dee p pit s. It mig ht be be ca use of wh ere I a m head e d to m eet ou r new mut ual fr iend."

Notice those suspicious breaks in the handwriting. Along with informing us that she is going to meet Ron at GMH, Jaimie seems to be leaving us some sort of puzzle. How unlike her.

-- RobMagus (That last sentence was sarcasm!)

Stranger Than Fiction

While scouring UM for more clues, we notice that one of the archived myths has a star beside it. Don't only the newest myths have stars? Curious, we look at the myth again; it's the one about the haunted hotels. Nothing's changed in the words, but now it has a picture of the Gold Mine Hotel. The picture is linked off-site, much like the picture on FortyHertz from which we found GodMind. The pic's linked from here ( Let's go see it, gang!

Yowza! That picture of the lady with too many facial features is creepy, and so is the background of this site. However, there are a few references to stuff involved in this mystery: GMH, dreams, 7th sons of 7th sons, hmm... In any case, the tales about the Gold Mine Hotel are interesting and enlightening. One of the stories, though, ends with this sentence:

"Every year since, paranormal activities at the Gold Mine Hotel are said to peak on the evening of September 25, at seven in the evening, and lasting for 77 minutes."

I sure hope that that's not the day Ron and Jaimie are meeting at GMH. If they are, they might meet a whole bunch of other people.

-- RobMagus (People who are DEAD!)


There we all are at 11:59 PM EST, obsessively refreshing the TT website and waiting for the reboot. Then midnight rolls around, and nothing has happened. Luckily, someone had the good sense to check a subdirectory named "dreadhouse". You know, just in case.

Guess what?

We got a listing of the directories contents, which have been mirrored here ( in an excellent fashion. You see, the pages disappeared about half an hour after they came up, so we needed a place to keep all the stuff. Why did the pages disappear? Later correspondence with Ron supported our suspcions that the substitute webmaster used an old bootdisk with dreadhouse pages on it to restore the site. Luckily, we scoured the pages for all info before they were removed. There's a lot, and I suggest you look through it yourself. Now, onto a few notes about the stuff:

  • we found the messages ( Ed stumbled onto. they're creepy.
  • the third memo ( corresponding to Ed's "Webmaster Tools", when solved using the usual method, gives us the password "tragoedia". we should pass that on to Ron.
  • the picture for Michael Cyphers is a stereogram ( rather than a headshot like for the other contestants. the stereogram is of a skeleton. what is the significance of this?

Who changed MCypher's picture to a stereogram skeleton? What's on the third "Webmaster Tools" disk? What exactly did Joe Silver give Richard Meyer the go-ahead for? Why did contestants die and disappear?

This gives me the creeps.

-- RobMagus (The sterogram was actually of a crucified topiary poodle!)

Blood Writing

Charles updated CMH today. Rather than summarizing, I'll post it up in its entirety. It's something that needs to be read in full...

"Oh my dear lord.......

After not hearing anything from Karen, I made the impetuous decision to take a quick trip to Cambridge to see if I might locate the gravemarker myself. I was combing about the underbrush in a stand of trees, when I heard some twigs breaking and scurrying noises. Thinking it nothing but rodents or the like, I continued beating about the bush with a large stick, and was nearing the end of the small area I was scouring, when I hit his leg.

As far as I was always concerned, Old Todd rarely came that far from the campus, and his physical appearance was enough to shatter my first impression that he was living in the copse. I am disturbed and extremely concerned for his well being. He was covered with scratches and strange markings, apparently self-inflicted as his fingernails were bloody. His eyes were those of a caged animal, he looked quite crazed.

He was muttering things about "pictures in my mind", over and over...."pictures in my right mind", "picture things in my mind", "buildings in my mind", "pictures, pictures, pictures in my mind", "blood writing", "blood letting", and "pictures on my mind"....and he was chewing a mouthful of bark.

I tried to calm him somewhat and asked him if "blood writing" was what he had done to his skin, he told me "No, no, no! On the walls down below". I was confused but asked him if he could take me to the writing on the wall, and like a jackrabbit he sprang up hooting "Yes, yes, yes, follow me, follow me Charles!"

He was gone before I had made it fifty feet.

Needless to say, the gravemarker has taken a back seat to what must have happened, or be happening to Old Todd.

I searched for him in vain, for as long as I dared, in the waning light near the outer borders of Cambridge land.

I am worried and need to think awhile before I decide how best to help him.

If I can help him.


I wonder what happened to Old Todd?

-- RobMagus (He was eaten by wild jackrabbits!)

Dream Off

Well, that was silly of us. Turns out that the handwritten note Jaimie has left us was just getting in the way of the real message. Once we pull the paper to the side, we see this (

If you read it in the proper way, it says


And if you read -that- in the proper way, it says


Boy oh boy. This is too cryptic. Perhaps it has something to do with that string of numbers at the bottom? 1326324854657486... It seems to follow a sort-of-pattern.

-- RobMagus (That's my phone number!)


Speaking of cryptic, folks who visited UM were greeted with a surprising main page. Rather than the usual logo splash, the page has been replaced with a message from a fella named Ramon.

"I hate the long hot days of summer. It seems to be endless at times. And to make it worse, it forces me to wait for the time I long for every year. But at last it's here. Fall is the season I love. All my pals and I go every time to see leaves. Autumnal leaves at sunrise have a unique beauty that is majestic. The crisp air holds scents of nature; the trees explode with color. You can sense the great power that hides behind the facade we've come to call nature. I've seen the face of what is beyond that veil. I know I will never be the same.

xuujuujuuhuhhn, Ramon"

The page title, incidentally, also changed. Now it's "Bronski Beat". Weren't they a band?

What's going on here?

-- RobMagus (I'm confused!)

GMH Posessed


We interrupt this program to bring you RobMagus reporting LIVE from the GMH website, -as the updates happen-. Yes, just for you, we have the author of the guide writing his notes down as a stream of conciousness describing the events occuring at this time, the time at which GMH is supposed to have the highest amount of paranormal activity. According to sources at Stranger Than Fiction Magazine, the site is haunted by - oh, we have something coming in now! RobMagus?

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is RobMagus repoting live from the GMH website. The brochure update has just gone up, and there's a note on the main page from Tara saying that she's been showing a couple of reporters around... I dunno about you but that sounds to me like Ron and Jaimie. The brochure update Tara had been talking about beforehand is the addition of a section on themed rooms to the amenities page. Seven rooms, ladies and gentlemen, copper, nickel, silver, iron, mercury gold, platinum, -not- necessarily in that order...

HOLY CANOLLI this just in - the main page suddenly has a picture ( on it! It's.. the page background is black, and this looks a bit like a baby in someone's arms, I don't know...

Ladies an gentlemen the picture has suddenly vanished; the main page is back to normal. What is going on here? Let's see if anyting else on the site has changed.

The buttons for - for Amenities, Themed Rooms, and Gold Mine Hotel Themed Rooms, yes, they have scrolling button backgrounds. The themed rooms URLs.. they now have numbers rather than the names. Ladies and gentlemen this is astounding...

Wait! The main page, its changed again. Hold on, I'm going to go watch this thing and keep track of what's going on as it happens. hold on"

While we wait for our reporter to get his bearings, let me remind the readers that this is coming in LIVE from the GMH site... RobMagus, hello? Are you back on?

"Yes, yes I'm on... okay, to get this straight.. I'm now going to give a play-by-play as the pictures come on and and vanish. It -has been confirmed- that the pictures come up for a short period of time. The pace is just frantic here... allright. Play-by-play follows."

"6:01 baby ( pic went up on the main page, then disappears. we find that the theme room buttons ( and URLs have changed. now we're waiting for more changes; we have a team investigating..."
"an old-time ( picture of the hotel goes up and disappears. it's from elsewhere on the site."
"what appears to be a stippled ( picture goes up now and disappears soon afterwards."
"there seems to have been an ebb in the tide of this event.. I'm staying onsite for a while longer, in case anything comes up.. more to come"
-longer silence-
"Ladies and gentlemen, the baby ( appears again at 8:01. and goes away right after. it appears that whoever is doing this is giving us another chance, perhaps more of the story..."
"ho jesus that's a scary ( pic... it's an eye! at 8:17.. there appears to be a mother cradling a child, and possibly a male shillouette. all in the eye.. are these pictures popping up and vanishing related to the story of Fiona Steward? the eye then promptly disappears..."
"now a repeating ( bloody hand background. the print is animated ( but the background is gone in 60 seconds..."
"three pictures of.. rocks or lichen or something ( they scroll down the page, then fade. falling rocks? gold, silver, copper? reference to theme rooms? alchemy puzzle?"
"Blackness...totally empty. there's nothing left. 9:17... and then the blackness goes away, leaving the main page. the theme room pages go from numbers back to names... scrolling button backgrounds are gone.

it's.. it's over?

Ladies and gentlemen, I have -never- seen anything like this before! WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED? Uh..

The note on the front page.. it's changed again. It appears that Tara was having trouble uploading the brochure, but she's done it fine now. I.. I guess that's it! This is RobMagus, signing off."

There you have it, folks, a LIVE report from the site, -as it happens-. The major question on everyone's mind right now is "what does all this mean?" I also ask, "were Ron and Jaimie involved?" and more importantly, "are they safe?" Stay tuned to the Guide; our teams will investigate these occurences and we'll bring you details as soon as they are availiable. We now bring you back to the regular Guide.

-- RobMagus (That was SO cool!)

Colour Changes

We've been watching the Seventh Sons website ( for about a week now. Every day, the background changed colour, and the subdirectory location of the picture did too. Weeeird. Here's a list:

  • Red Background, First Image:
  • White Background, Seccond Image:
  • Black Background, Third Image:
  • Yellow Background, Fourth Image (transparent gif):
  • Blue Background, Same as third image:
  • Green Background, Same as fourth and fifth image, but stored in a different place:

What does this mean? Why is the first image cubist? Why did the pictures change from jpgs to transparent gifs from the fourth image and on?

Elsewhere, more colour changes confound. The message from Ramon on the UM splash page has changed. Now the "x"s in "explode" and "xuujuujuuhuhhn" have gone from red to orange. Does this have something to do with the autumnal theme in the passage? Or something else?


Later that evening, the SeventhSons page background changed to purple. Also, the picture was now a link to a login puzzle!

"Who are you?" it asks. Well, who do we know that is probably a member of the Seventh Sons? We type the dreadful doctor's name in and get...

...gibberish. A string of seemingly random ASCII characters. Well, that's certainly not what we were seeking. Heeeeey...

By a leap of faith, we try "seeker". It works beautifully, and brings us to a page with a picture of a misty hallway ( and a quote. (Normally I don't do bracket notes within the body of the Guide entries, but let me break the rule for a moment to bring to your attention how utterly IRRITATING it is when the javascriptscript on a page disables right clicking and makes copying and pasting impossible. But I digress. Back to the quote.)

"'He found the vast Thought with seven heads that is born of the Truth' Maha Upanishad"

A quick google reveals that the Maha Upanishad is a religious text concerning yoga. In any case, the hallway picture is a link leading to another question and login box.

"What do you seek?" I want to know more! Thusly, I type in "knowledge". Voila. It takes us to what appears to be the final page. It says:

"The seeker came now to a town as he walked along. Seven metal doors or gates were there. Once the final gate was behind a seeker had to wait a week until he was sent for. This time the one door is opened by a key that hangs there."

Well, that's certainly cryptic. Do we wait for a week now? 7 metal doors... maybe that's a reference to the GMH themed rooms? More on that later.

First, we go back to the Bronski Beat page at UM.

Taking another little leap of faith, we recall that "x marks the spot". From this arises the idea that "xuujuujuuhuhhn" is a set of directions. We start at the x in "explode" and assign directions to the letters, more or less arbitrarily: -u is up, j is left, h is right, n is down- turns out to be the correct assumption. Looking at those keys' positions on the keyboard confirms that. Taking the letters are we move along, we get a message:

the unraveling.

Has EdAmanda gone mad? We'll see shortly, I imagine. But first...

-- RobMagus (I'm Roy G Biv!)

Old Stone Wall

Inspired by the possible connection to the final page of the Seventh Sons trail, we go visit the GMH website. Lo and behold, Tara has put a new picture ( up on the main page. It's not got anything to do with the themed rooms (at least, not obviously), but it's still quite interesting. According to Tara, "The image above was taken by two Travel magazine reporters who toured the hotel this weekend. I posted it because of the interest the tile picture with a similar image has generated and because this section of the wall was so unusually constructed." The same Travel magazine reporters she was showing around a few days ago, AKA Ron and Jaimie! This picture certainly looks like it has some importance. The Seventh Sons' symbol is painted on three bricks on the right side. The bricks themselves are arranged in a peculiar manner. I smell puzzle...

-- RobMagus (More evidence that Pink Floyd is the culprit!)

The Unraveling

On a hunch, we take the solution of the Bronski Beat UM puzzle and type it in as a URL. It is indeed an actual site (! A very, very creepy site. Those eyes, and the way they blink... the pictures overlaid within the eyes and the words have what appears to be blood within them. *shudder* The eyes, incidentally, are mirror images of each other.

What does this page signify? Why is it in a puzzle on UM? Has EdAmanda gone off his rocker?

-- RobMagus (Those eyes remind me of Sophia's Temple!)


Hooboy there's a lot of stuff in this one.



  • Fiona Steward, dead former owner of the GMH
  • Ramon, perplexing poetic puzzle producer


  • Glimmer.jpg
  • GMH falling rocks gif
  • metal themed rooms


  • who burnt down the TT offices and killed Randall?
  • -why-?
  • what really happened to Fiona Steward?
  • what really happened at GMH during DreadHouse filming?
  • what happened to Old Todd?
  • who is Ramon?
  • why Bronski Beat?
  • what in the world happened on the GMH website on September 25th?
  • are the GMH themed rooms part of an alchemy puzzle?
  • what did Ron and Jaimie find there?
  • why did the Seventh Sons background colours change?
  • what does the final message on the SS trail mean?
  • does it have something to do with the GMH themed rooms?
  • what is the significane of the old stone wall?
  • what is the unraveling?
  • what do UM and EdAmanda have to do with it?


-- RobMagus (The list gets - oh, forget it!)

Blatant Nihilism

We take another look at Jaimie's dream note. The title of the page has changed! Now it's

"Time to play HIDE and SEEK."

Talk about obvious hints. We visit the two ( pages ( alluded to and find two flash files. Both are nothing but red-boxes that don't appear to do anything else. Hmm. It looks as if they're not working. Well, we try to fix them with a decompiler, and find that each actually contains a picture.

One ( shows a passage written in the same style as Jaimie's note (, and the other ( shows how to decode it. This code is called Nihilist. Glimmer.jpg blatantly gave us one, but we still didn't have a clue.

The solution is "WHATIPROMISEDYOU". Oooh, this must refer to the final bits of evidence Jaimie promised us! Taking the usual tack, we go to this page ( Great, another puzzle. This one consists of four five-by-five grids with white dots in them. Stumped for the moment, we look at the source. Excellent; a message! It says "a blank". Hmm... Clicking on blank gridsquares does nothing, even when only trying the ones that are not obscured by white dots when the grids are overlapped. This calls for some lateral thinking. A blank... a blank... a b.. maybe it's Bacon cipher? That'd certainly be a sneaky way of telling us that the blanks represent "a" and white dots represent "b".

It worked! The message says "KOREPIECESOFTHETRUTH". Odd. Trying it in the URL gets us nowhere. That K is putting me off. If Jaimie meant to say "core", she probably would have. Thusly, we assume that it is a typo. We try going here (, and it works! I guess nobody is perfect.

Looks like we've reached the pot of gold at the end of this little rainbow. There's a picture of Michael Cyphers ( with his DreadHouse application and his bulging, tattooed muscles. Clicking "more" takes us to a page with a movie. It appears to be composed of clips from "Contestant Feed #3" and feature the abandoned, spraypainted buildings we've come to know as GMH. In one of the creepier moments, a door that looks like the one in William Staufer's dream opens up and a figure ( steps through, backlit and holding something long and shiny.

Did William Staufer's dream broadcast to him from the camera via the 40Hz effect? Perhaps this feed was actually filmed by William? And who (or what!) is that figure?

-- RobMagus (Nothing matters!)

We Are Also Mighty

Inspired by solving the Dream trail on DreadHouse, we take a closer look at The Unraveling ( The title of the page is "the essance of I". Coupled with the eyes on the page, I'd say that's a big hint pointing us towards "I". We type in the letter "I", and are taken to a new page ( Hooray!

The first time someone comes here, a popup of another [ page appears. It doesn't appear the next time you come to thefirststep. Both the popup and the page hold poems with themes concerning madness. The popup poem is in a flash file that hides a creepy picture ( of a child's shillouette within it. Clicking on the handwritten poem on thefirststep brings us to this page]. Great, another poem. Anyways, the repeating background of this page appears to be a high-contrast picture ( It looks sort of like a cobweb-covered iron wall with some stenciled writing.

Is that from GMH or elsewhere? Who is responsible for this site? What's with the poetry and creepy pictures?

-- RobMagus (It's unraveling!)

Red Again

Seventh Sons ( is now light red, and the picture is not a link anymore. I guess now we have to wait through another week of colour changes for something new to happen.

A DAY LATER: It became white. It appears that this is going to change in the same order as it first did. When it becomes purple again at the end of the week, I guess we'll have another Seventh Sons trail to solve.

-- RobMagus (At the end of the rainbow!)

Letter From Tara

Tara Hutchins posted a letter on the Management page.

"Dear Prospective Guest, Well, of all the unusual things that have happened since I took over and began renovating the Gold Mine Hotel, I have to confess that what happened around here on our Anniversary date - last Saturday, Sept. 25th - takes the cake! There were so many strange things going on that I am hard-pressed to remember and write about them all.

The day began calmly enough, even though I did have two visitors from a Travel magazine stop by to check out the Hotel for a future article. They were very nice and seemed to know a great deal about the history of the Gold Mine so I gave them the grand tour despite being very busy. It wasn't long after they were here though that the weird occurrences started happening. We heard all sorts of strange noises while we were touring the lower areas of the Hotel, many of them centered around the unusually constructed stone wall we found and that I posted the image of a few days ago.

I also understand that there were some very weird things happening with our web site that day, as many people have written to me about difficulty they had accessing the new Theme Room descriptions I had posted. I honestly don't know why that was, and since then I continue to find things changed on some of the pages. Just yesterday I had to correct the pricing of the Theme Rooms although I could have sworn they were done correctly the first time. Very, very strange. It seems that the "unusual activity" may not have just been limited to the Anniversary date.

So I apologize to anyone who had trouble logging on to our web site and for any mixed up information you might have found there. Hopefully that is all behind us now.

Your Hostess,

-Tara Hutchins"

Perhaps the prices have something to do with a possible puzzle? Here's hoping that Ron and Jaimie will contact us soon with more information.

-- RobMagus (Tara is possessed!)

Later That Day

On a whim, we check go back to GMH in case anything has changed. Boy, did it ever! Excepting the main page, folks were greeted instead with a terrifying flash loop and loud static ( After recovering from the shock, we can catalogue the three images in the loop. First is a green-tinted closeup ( of an eye. I think it could be the same eye as the one from the first time GMH went cuckoo. Next, a clearer version of the stippled picture moves across. It looks like the cover ( of a book with the Seventh Sons' symbol. Finally, a stippled (to go with the irritating background static, I suppose) picture of a baby ( in someone's arms flashes onto the screen momentarly a few times.

Nearly before we have a chance to get it all, the flash vanishes. GMH is normal again... or so it seems. Moments later, the main page is black again. This time, that familiar baby ( picture is up yet again. Poof- also yet again, it vanishes shortly. Then, just in case we missed it the first time, whatever is doing this kindly put the flash ( up again for a few minutes.

Then it went away.

I am so very, very confused right now. This connects the Seventh Sons to a baby. Perhaps Fiona Steward's daughter? Her husband Alex really wanted a seventh son. Perhaps he was a Seventh Son. Perhaps he thought that the baby was going to be a boy. Perhaps he found that she was a girl. Perhaps this made him angry, and so he killed her...

-- From dmax SPEC -- the "girl" might have been gender confused, like a hermaphrodite or, more likely, XXY chromosomal pattern. Still had the capabilities of the mystical seventh son, but misidentified as a girl. --

According to the stories in Stranger Than Fiction Magazine, Alex left Fiona, anxious to find a new wife and have that seventh son. Fiona began hearing the haunting cries of her dead daughter. She threw herself down a mine shaft.

Alex renamed The Steward Inn "The Gold Mine Hotel".

In other, less creepy news, a while after we'd recovered from the craziness, the buttons leading to the themed rooms section began shimmering again! A look at the themed rooms page revealed that the prices for Iron, Copper, and Nickle have once again all changed to 195 bucks. Also, the URLs are the same numbers as last time. Of course, shortly afterwards, it's gone.

What is going on here?

-- RobMagus (this is really REALLY creepy!)

Blurred World


Unraveling Grace


Please Record Your Dream After The Tone



Nickle, Silver, Copper, Mercury, Iron, Gold, Platinum


The Ron Report

Folks in contact with Ron got an email detailing his adventures with Jaimi at the Gold Mine Hotel. Here's one of those emails:

"Jaimie and I went to the Gold Mine Hotel last weekend, posing as journalists for a travel magazine. We actually got a good tour of the place. I wouldn't mind staying there someday, except for the really funky stuff that happened while we were there - weird sounds, cold spots, rogue breezes, all in the lower parts of the hotel where there weren't any windows or anything around. The closer we got to this strange stone wall, the weirder things got. There were Seventh Sons symbols on the wall, too. I totally need to go renovate (a.k.a. "remove") that wall. There is definitely something about it that is not right.

Anyway, we're planning on going back to the hotel in the next couple of days and see if we can find anything else. Jaimie's not been doing very well since we've been here. She's been getting really bad migraines and having terrible nightmares at night that she can't quite remember. She was actually thinking about going over to San Francisco and visiting the Dream Projector clinic to see if she can figure out what her dreams are about. The dreams got much worse after our visit to the hotel. I'm worried about her."

Maybe some 40Hz effect got to Jaimie while she was down in the tunnels under GMH? Hopefully Dr. Shoemaker isn't affiliated with the Seventh Sons.

-- RobMagus (Ron and Jaimie, sittin' in a tree!)

I Am Invisible

Charles updated CMH with this message:

"Well it's just been a darn weird and upsetting week all the way around.

First the unsettling incident with Old Todd, and then I received an email from an investigator who found my site and is after information about old, unsolved murders in town or at the hospital. Claims he's found some connections.

By golly how would I know anything about murders other than what's in the papers.

I phoned him and agreed to show him about the place, and I guess I'll be mighty busy if everyone who says they are coming actually shows up. I heard from another fellow who claims to have some knowledge about this whole 'Dread House' thing and wants to share it with me in exchange for showing him around. Where do all these people come from, anyway?

The investigator says he has a website called "Im Invisible", but I haven't had the time or inclination to look at it, my mind has been far too fully occupied with trying to come up with a way to help Todd. The whole situation sounds a little kooky to me, and added to the fact the guy thinks he's invisible, well....I think I'll definitely be on my guard.

Unsolved murders aren't exactly my cup of tea, and I've had about enough of the Dread House stuff. But maybe I can use it as an opportunity to look for Old Todd.


I hope Old Todd isn't a murderer... In any case, we have another website ( to look at now. And just -look- at what there is to look at! It seems that a serial killer case is connected with CMH.

Just when you thought that this couldn't get any more complex...

-- RobMagus (The Invisible Killer!)



The amazinggrace page started showing popups of pictures with peoples fears on them.

Grumpyboy figured out the correct names for all the phobias, took the first letters from them and hussled them around to form a word.

This led us here (, showing us a big hint to solving the amazinggrace puzzle.

Blurry Update

blurred world addition. quote.


The Seventh Sons: Take Two

7 PM EST turns purple. who are you? seeker. what do you seek? knowledge. antechamber.html. every 7th letter spells "knowledge of the twisted path" twistedpath.html. (other stuff was found, but before we were supposed to)





Things are coming to a head.



  • Dakota Callahan, webmaster of Blurred World
  • John Plamer, investigator on the invisible killer case


  • twistedpath
  • amazinggrace
  • dementophobia


  • who burnt down the TT offices and killed Randall?
  • -why-?
  • what really happened to Fiona Steward?
  • what really happened at CMH during DreadHouse filming?
  • what happened to Old Todd?
  • what in the world happened on the GMH website?
  • what will Ron and Jaimie find behind the wall?
  • where does the SS trail lead?
  • what is the Unraveling?
  • who is Ramon and why did he hack UM to bring his site to our attention?
  • who or what is the figure in Contestant Feed #3?
  • what does Blurred World have to do with anything?
  • who is the Invisible Killer, and how is that mystery related to this?
  • what exactly did the Seventh Sons use Tomorrow's Talk for?

Some things seem to be coming together now. Is this investigation nearing its end?

-- RobMagus (The end is near!)

Reed's Reads

Have you been wondering what's happened to Dead Poems? Me too. Turns out the answer is "not much". Until today, nothing's been changing. That's right; "until today." A quick check reveals that the communicator pop-up changed!

"Messages in the Dead Poems?

I've recently received a great many letters from people who have bought my book, Dead Poems, and claimed to have found or uncovered hidden messages and puzzles in the poems within. Several of the letters have been quite convincing and have even included examples of how the readers found these secret messages. It seems I can no longer ignore the mounting evidence that there are real, discernible messages encrypted by various means into my grandmother's poetry. And so I plan on addressing this matter directly and exploring exactly what they have found and why it may be there.

On Wednesday, October 6th 2004 I will post excerpts from the letters I have received and my analysis of what they have discovered. I will also post some additional images I have of Ann Starling's hand-written works, including poem fragments that I didn't feel were complete enough to include in the Dead Poems book. Finally, as part of this update to the site, I will also be announcing the time and date when I will be available online for a very special web chat to discuss this issue further.

Thank you all for buying Dead Poems.

Reed Singleton"

Finally, we might be able to learn the reason Ann's poetry appears to be written by lonely computer programmers! We await October 6th anxiously.

-- RobMagus (All will be revealed!)

Help Us MHC

Charles has posted another excellent update.

"Just returned from Cambridge, and I don't think I've ever been more exhausted in my life - and that's saying something at my age.

I had been so concerned and heartsick over Old Todd that I'd been unable to eat or sleep with any kind of normality or satisfaction for days. I had to go back and try again. I went over the hospital and grounds with a fine toothed comb. Unfortunately, I didn't find any sign of him whatsoever, and that has me terribly worried.

What was curious though, was that during my search of the hospital, I became somewhat confused and disoriented. Curious why? That has never happened before. I know that hospital like the back of my hand. I ended up in an area I don't ever remember being in before, and yet it seemed vaguley familiar, sort of what some people describe feeling when experiencing a case of deja view, or whatever it they call it.

The area resembled a holding cell, and there were red letters on the wall, looked to be finger painting - or some such - to me. Whether they were put there with blood or red paint, I don't know. I wish I had taken my camera, but the last thing on my mind when I set out to look for Todd, was that I would have need of it. But for record's sake, as best as I could make out the letters spelled:


It was eerily cold down there, not just chilly - but icy. And damp. I suddenly felt very, very uncomfortable and was hard pressed to remember how I got there, so I could turn myself around and get back out.

I actually found myself running at one point (well as much as you would consider the fast shuffle of this old fella a "run"). I'm not sure why, and didn't even realize I was hurrying until my heart started giving me all the signals to slow down.

It was a strange experience, not one I care to repeat, and it has left me with a disturbing feeling of uneasiness and an increased apprehension with regards to Old Todd. Did he paint the letters? He was full of bloody gashes last I saw him. I don't know, I'm more confused than ever.

The fellow investigating the invisible man is coming this weekend, hopefully I can clear my mind long enough to show him what areas he needs to see. With a little help from above, maybe I'll find Todd as well.


I hope he finds Old Todd and that both of them will be alright. In any case, those bloody letters correspond to the ones in a dream on the Dream Projector site. It's possible the last three letters might not refer to CMH (the mental hospital), but rather Michael H. Cyphers. The plot thickens yet again!

-- RobMagus (Help us Michael Cyphers; you're our only hope!)

AIM At Ron

Yippee, more contact with Ron! Here's the gist of most of the conversations he had with several people:

"puzzlecards: hey sorry ive got dozens of im screens open now, i do have some news for you though, hold on ok?
puzzlecards: anyway i did go back into the Gold Mine Hotel this weekend
puzzlecards: and was able to work on that wall we found with the seventh son symbols
puzzlecards: it took a while to open even a small hole through it, it seemed to be solid mostly on the other side
puzzlecards: i was able to reach in through the opening i made
puzzlecards: and feel something within
puzzlecards: with a little work and some torn up flesh on my arms i was able to pull out an old book
puzzlecards: the book seems fairly old and has many pages written in different languages, latin and so on
puzzlecards: and it has a leather cover with the seventh sons symbol on it
puzzlecards: i am going to try and get some images online for you all shortly


puzzlecards: im worried that i havent heard from jaimie yet though


puzzlecards: listen im sorry but i need to go, im in a public place using an internet connection and not too comfortable with the setting right now
puzzlecards: please spread the word that im ok and to watch for messages from jaimie
puzzlecards: ill try and pop online when i get the book images up
puzzlecards: thanks for everyhting good bye"

That must be the book we saw in the weird pictures on GMH! I wonder what's in it... And here's hoping Jaimie's not in trouble.

-- RobMagus (It's full of recipies!)


Bear with me; this is a huge post.

We stare and stare at the amazinggrace puzzle for so long, listening to the mp3 until we just grow so bored we close our eyes and try and feel the notes. It turns out that melody.mp3 is a song for the blind. If we read the notes in the proper fashion, we find the holy braille we seek. The solution reads:

"For what but eye and ear silence the mind with the minute particulars of?"

That's part of a quote from "The Double Vision Of Michael Robartes" by William Butler Yeats. The word that finishes the line, when plugged into the URL as usual, leads here (

The mankind page poses a perplexing picture with plenty of pennies and a passage of prose.

"A kind man once told me that there are two sides to every coin. one part soft as a woman, t'other part a barbed hook. I was begotten on a thin coin's edge. That can't be so farfetched, can it? Oh Rumpelstiltskin, such a mysterious, mean-spirited papa thou wert!"

When one puts one's mouse over certain letters (SNFHIGSEUNAI), phrases appear on either side of the picture. These phrases read much like crossword puzzle hints. Below is a list of them, what letter they correspond to, and their solutions.

DX7630, for one -- A CSI staple
Digital Camera
Guillemets, but not '(', ')', '{', or '}' -- An L-shaped support piece
Angle Bracket

Avery Carrington, BTS -- McClure, McKlusky, McKay, McQueen, McCoy, and McKenna
Burt Reynolds
Riker, often -- Urination, often
Number One

Describing arctic climates -- In one movie, Schwarzenegger's first opponent
Sub Zero
Outside a living body -- Within glass
In Vitro

An option for Snagglepuss -- The direction of Waldorf's theatre box
Stage Left
Go overboard, at times -- This action will usually result in a second correction
Over React

Totally Nuts, Urban Jumble, e.g. (RIP) -- Legend has it that this was invented by Charles I's chef
Ice Cream
Na2CO3, commonly -- A Pokemon trainer's beverage?
Soda Ash

Fictional castle that hosted a sword -- Ironically descriptive of what was inside the anatomist's head?
Gray Skull
Flip over -- A fungus selection criterion?
Cap Size

Rat once jail twice? -- An annual New Guinea highland event
Sing Sing
Adjacent... -- ...or how one might describe a hypotenuse?
Along Side

9-12, typically -- Where fledglings might learn to fly?
High School
Where you might hang out on a pirate ship? -- A 3-foot appendage, perhaps?
Yard Arm

Crayola color renamed in the 50's -- Iron Hexacyanoferrate, more commonly
Prussian Blue
Integrated microprocessors, functioning as a unit -- Paula, Agnus, and Denise, collectively, e.g.
Chip Set

It's approximately three-and-a-half percent saline, on average -- Tantalus' parching limitation, so to speak?
Sea Water
Trading votes so both legislators mutually benefit, e.g. -- A sport that leaves you spinning?
Log Rolling

Kawasaki watercraft -- What a hydroplane needs to land, essentially
Jet Ski
What Houstonites apparently have after "1" ? -- How one removes a halter top
Lift Off

Complete about-face -- A creative way to describe an n?
U Turn
Uneven dental condition -- When Dracula goes too far?
Over Bite

Pay attention; this gets confusing. As you can see, each set of hints corresponds to a duo of a pair of words. Each of these duos of pairs of words has a strange property: the last word of the first pair of words and the first word of the last pair of words make a completely new pair of words. A list follows detailing the new pairs of words and the duos of old pairs of words from which they came. Is that clear? Oh, just look at the damned list.

"digital camera
> camera angle
angle bracket

burt reynolds
> reynolds number
number one

sub zero
> zero in
in vitro

stage left
> left over
over react

ice cream
> cream soda
soda ash

grey skull
> skull cap
cap size

sing sing
> sing along
along side

high school
> school yard
yard arm

prussian blue
> blue chip
chip set

salt water
> water log
log rolling

jet ski
> ski lift
lift off

u turn
> turn over
over bite"

Neat, huh?

Now to find out what the hell it means.


Poem Messages

Here we are - the pop-up on Dead Poems now leads to a page ( where Reed has posted some letters from readers who have found hidden messages. He also posted this:

"A Message from Reed Singleton

These are just a few of the many emails I have received about the hidden messages many people believe are within Ann Starling's poetry. Thank you to everyone who did send in such emails. They've been a great help in convincing me of the reality of these messages. Actually, I believed in my grandmother's "special" powers all along, but at least now I have evidence to support those beliefs.

I've also discovered that there is just too much material for me to cover on one web page like this. Dead Poems book readers have pointed out about a dozen poems that contain some sort of cryptic, hidden message, even though I don't honestly understand how the methods they used to find some of them.

So I have decided to conduct a live online chat to discuss these poems, the messages people have found, and try and figure out how and why Ann included them in her poetry.

I also intend on posting before the Chat several new images of the many hand-written documents of Ann's I have, in the hopes that some of this material may be helpful in our efforts to figure out the mysteries of this book.

The Chat will be held Monday, October 11th at 8:00 Pacific time and will be conducted using the AIM Instant Messaging utility. I'm sorry but that is the only messaging service I am familiar with. I will post more details about the Chat in the next few days. I hope to see you all there!


I wonder what else Reed will put up, and also what information will be revealed in the chat. I have to admit, though, that he seems like a bit of a fruitcake.

-- RobMagus (He just gets passed around from family to family over Christmas!)

Fearsome Worm

solved mankind --> two more duo pair word hints. Telemon's girl; occasionally. Hugs; if insane. solving first set gets fearsome. URL ( Red text. Little dots. Really bugs ( Poe. Missing words from poem --> Elizabeth Rebecca Herring. Gold Bug --> cipher. solution "man tragedy hero". Conqueror Worm. URL ( Starry background. Pyramid. Masonic code, solution "Behold! Oyr nefarioys Dioine Trinitw: Djehyti, Hellenikon, and the Zenerable Dick Clark! O Hear oyr prawers, and shed light on the Uaw To entrap the apostles in their fynereal gaol! Hail to oyr triparsise Antichrist, uho renders ys uhole!" Splanation?



twistedpath, binary turns --> amoun, first letters --> vitriol, click pic --> portal, seeker, click pic --> hall, initiate, click hidden dot --> turns, myself, rots phone # --> ovid (AKA latin), click pic --> sph.

working on the last two.




An Evening With Reed Singleton

Transcript ( of chat. web pages discussing the solutions of poem puzzles added to deadpoems.


The Book Behind The Wall

Ron IM --> pages ( with pictures of book from GMH. Ron worries about Jaimie losing contact.


Greeting Cards

Observe. A new link has appeared on the main dreadhouse page. It reads "A message" and leads here ( This page, cleverly entitled "Greeting Cards", holds those ever familiar symbols of gambling: playing cards. I have a collection of these, and wouldn't mind getting a Dreadful Deck as a souvenir of this adventure. Alas, I may be doomed to await the arrival of such a set forever. While I wait, let us take a look at the grid of cards.

They each have a picture of a male shillouetted in a bright window rather than the requisite number of pips. A grid of anything just screams the word "code", so to solve the puzzle we take a gander at how the cards are arranged. Another code from Jaimie; I wish I could just poker. Need a hand? Cards have some interesting parallels with the alphabet, mainly that the number of all cards in one suit is exactly half of the number of letters in the alphabet. That suits me fine. One more thing: the border shows order. Man, I'm such a joker. You could say I'm the king of bad puns. Anyways, solved it now? Aces!

The solution reads "THEWORLDOFDREAMS" and leads us here ( Whaddyaknow - it's a message from Jaimie.

"Greetings. I'm here in San Francisco, having traveled here to visit the Dream Projector clinic after experiencing some of the most horrible nightmares I've ever had.. When Ron and I went to visit the Gold Mine Hotel, it was like someone flipped a switch - I started getting terrible headaches and I would wake up screaming every night. The worst part was that I couldn't remember anything about what had me so terrified. It got really bad in a matter of just a couple of days, so I decided I wasn't too far, might as well check out the Dream Projector place. The facility here is very clean and professional. The staff is quite friendly and I haven't had any problems with them, but I'm getting a really weird vibe sometimes about the whole thing. I can't seem to put my finger on it. Nobody's said anything out of place that I can recall. Anyway, I have been going through the orientation program, learning how to journal my dreams, all that. It doesn't do much good to know how to journal my dreams when I can't remember them, though. I think I might actually try doing the Dream Projector to see if it can capture something, anything. Between not getting any good sleep at night to my head-splitting headaches, I'm starting to go a little nuts.

I've been doing a little sleuthing also, since some people told me they think there might be more to this whole enterprise, specifically that the Seventh Sons might have something to do with it. I've noticed quite a few "Authorized Personnel Only" doors which have really piqued my interest. I might have to borrow a page from "Ron Ron King of Pr0n" and try to sweet-talk one of the interns into giving me a tour.

Speaking of Ron, I keep trying to call his cell phone and getting a strange kind of busy signal. We were having all sorts of reception problems while in Gold Hill; I was afraid this would happen. If someone talks to him, please let him know I've been trying to reach him. In the meantime, I'll see what I can find out around here and report back if I get more information.


It's good to hear from her. I hope she won't get into trouble for snooping around that place. Right - we'd better tell Ron that she's allright!

-- RobMagus (I am such a card!)

Still Invisible

I Am Invisible update. CMH visit news (, torn up pictures ( recreated in this here ( creepy. also, the back of a postcard.


Ron hears from Jaimie, who says she'll be staying a little longer at DreamProj. Ron puts up report ( and pictures ( concerning gold hill. rebus puzzle.

Charles Tunnels

CMH update.

"She can't recall the exact location of the marker, but said we may go together to "have a hunt" when she returns.

I met up with that Palmer fellow. Nice chap, a little intense and he talks an awful lot, but decent enough.

We met at Millie's and set off for the hospital in his car. It was nice not having to drive, my eyes have been feeling more than a little strained lately and I've been getting a lot of headaches.

He seemed quite interested in the gravemarker with the symbols on it, and asked me to bring a copy of the rubbing along with me. I gave it to him along with its translation.

I showed him around the grounds, and although he was quite pokey about things, he didn't seem all that interested in the buildings.

Then he asked about me about the tunnels. I had hoped to steal away and have a look for Old Todd, while Palmer was poking around above ground, but he was much more curious about the tunnels.

I took him to a grated entrance, and unlocked it. Although there are other entrances that don't require a key, none were closer. I locked the grate myself many years ago when I noticed signs of vandalism in the outer tunnels. I'm not even sure the administration knows the entrance exists, it's very old. I used to hide in there as a kid, but only near the entrance, and it was old even then. The entrance we used doesn't connect with the main tunnel system of the hospital proper, rather it's like a spider vein offshoot and not at all straight.

I was very nervous, it had been some time since I had been in there. As we started in, my head began drumming and my hands formally introduced themselves to tremors. Every nerve in my body was on end, and I felt extremely strange, almost out of body.

We didn't talk much as I led him through the twisty turns and false dead ends until we stopped at one of Todd's hidey holes. There were pictures and papers, I'm not sure what they were exactly as they were torn up into little pieces. Palmer wanted to take them with him, but I asked him not to. Todd is very particular about his things, even though he leaves them laying all over Hell's half acre, he does eventually come back and expects things to be the way he left them.

Palmer did quickly spread each pile out and take some photographs, but I asked that he gather them back into a pile when he was finished.

There was something oppressive about that room. I'm not only worried for Todd, but fearful of what's happening to him. I felt a very insistent urge to get out of there and asked that we leave.

I'm not sure where to turn next. I'm going to have to make another trip to show that Ron fellow around, but I just can't keep stumbling around blindly looking for signs of Old Todd.




Ed informs us that Seventh Sons site is sending out info packets. set up a site and program to interecpt them. it's an omega-like symbol. Ed's going to try it.

Meanwhile, a science teacher helps up solve the hexagram puzzle.

Later, Ed finagles with the Seventh Sons site so that we can try logging in on every day of the week rather than just sunday.



Shit happened.


Jaimie Projects A Dream

New dream ( on DProj from Jaimie.



New popup from Reed.

"UPDATE: Thank you for the great response to the Live Chat I conducted last Monday, October 11th to discuss the "hidden" messages in Ann Starling's Dead Poems. I've received a large quantity of e-mail about the material we covered, in addition to messages about discovering new meanings in some of the unsolved poems.

Readers seem particularly taken with the poem "fragments" that I discovered in my grandmother's hand-written pages and that I posted on this page for our Chat. Several of the messages included this compiled version of the fragments, assembling them into one coherent verse.

it circles, moves above another my home, that which i call my mother a light, at last to set me free her soft embrace, engulfing me

Even more fascinating was a missive from exceptionally astute reader in which he claims that these four lines have provided him the "keys" to solving the four numbered poems in the Dead Poems book. He promised to send me details shortly and I will share them with you as soon as he does.



Underground Voice

GMH remodelling site update with recordng of sound heard during basement remodelling work.



black text link on UM.


Ever since Tomorrow's Talk Studios' network and phone system went down, right before their re-boot, I've noticed that they have resorted to using a non-public phone number. I guess they were receiving too many questioning phone calls and didn't like the public attention they had started to receive. On a whim I tried the employee access number they had been using all along and found it was still functional and, more importantly, I found a way in. I'm not going to go into the incriminating details here; all I'll say is I was able to discretely access their phone system for periods at a time. Unfortunately I've not gotten anything but standard business interaction until last night when I managed to catch the end of the call recorded below. Listen to it.

I think we need to try and get messages to both Ron and Jaimie as soon as possible."

transcript of phone convo:

"Joe Silver: What do you you want me to do about [Mark] Robinson? He's growing increasingly unstable. We can't keep up this front much longer. K: We have more important concerns. I am dealing with [sic] since he's incapable of doing so. JS: Oh. Uh... K: Our problem here in San Francisco will be resolved tomorrow. I have seen to it personally, and I've made arrangements to finalize things in Minnesota as well. JS: What about Robinson? K: We have... been discussing the New York operation and have decided that it's caused us enough exposure. It's time to dissapear. JS: Ummm... K: I will not be contacting you on this again till the details have been wrapped up. Do not contact me unless it is an emergency. If you need to call the number I've given you, the message will be delivered to me immediately. Richard [Meyer] knows what to do in New York. JS: Bbbbut! K: Goodbye, Joseph [Silver].

  • phone hanging up."


Tile Wall

Ron uploads new picture here ( Code. THEY SEEK THE SON. Ron's worried about Jaimie at DProj.


It's All Unravelling

Folks get weird emails from the unravelling. Biblical quotes too. The emails change after an hour. A link to a picture.

(IN PRogr

Byron Fitzsimmons

Dead poems elemental hints, vigenere ciphers, leading to discovery of new site ( with references to Ann Starling.


More Urgent

Update to URGENT on UM.


What a relief. Jaimie is OK and managed to get away from the Dream Projector clinic. She sent me a text message letting me know she's out and will be posting an update to her site as soon as she can. I sent Ron an e-mail letting him know just in case she wasn't able to message him also. It wasn't easy but I think I managed to help her out. Thank God I intercepted that phone call.

I was able to get the phone number that called Joe Silver at Tomorrow's Talk from the intercepted call I posted previously. I was at a loss for what else to do so I tried something crazy - I called the number and pretended I was Joe Silver. Even though I am not real good with NY accents, I did work with the man for a while so I was fairly familiar with his voice so I thought it was worth a try.

As many of you have guessed from your e-mails to me, the phone call was answered, "Dr. Shoemaker's private line, this is his assistant. How can I help you?" From the content of the earlier intercepted call I was fairly certain the person talking to Silver was Dr. Shoemaker from the Dream Projector but this confirms it for sure. In any case I succeeded in convincing his assistant that I was indeed Joe SIlver and that I needed to speak to the doctor immediately. The assistant was hesitant, saying that he was about to perform some special treatments and did not wish to be disturbed but I insisted and eventually she relented. I waited for him to come to the phone just to hear his voice for myself and to try and distract him at least a while longer. After a few moments of silence he hung up. It seems Jaimie was able to use my diversion to somehow get away though, so at least my idea worked. Hopefully Jaimie is on her way to meet up with Ron by now and will post to her site as soon as she gets somewhere safe to do it."


New Math

Mayan symbols on DH. Math problem? Code? base 5. anywho, enough is enough. read this ( or, in case you can't, this:

" That was close. I got out. I really didn't think I would. I slipped through their fingers and imagine I've got some severely pissed off psychos chasing after me right about now.

Dr. Shoemaker decided I was going to have an "advanced treatment" whether I wanted one or not. I had just managed to sneak into the restricted area when I was grabbed by his goons. It's bad in there, folks. They're doing things to people. It was like The Matrix or something. The restricted area has a giant room full of beds with comatose people in them. I saw names on the charts. One was W. Stauffer. One was... M. Cyphers. Unfortunately, or fortunately I'm not really sure, that bed was empty. Oh God, I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

I'm on the way to Minnesota to meet with Ron. He said he found a wall at the Cambridge Mental Hospital that looked just like the one at the Gold Mine Hotel where he found that book. We're going to go knock it down. We will get to the bottom of this one way or another. We're going to meet the I Am Invisible webmaster, John Palmer, at the hospital. He took a picture of a shredded photo at the mental hospital - guess who was on the photo? Dr. Shoemaker. If he hurt my brother... if he did anything at all to harm him... I will get that son of a bitch if it's the last thing I do. I need to know. I have to know. I will know. Hold on, Michael, if you're out there - I'm coming. Stay strong!



White Noise

40Hz update ( with plans for noise cancellation device to combat mind control.


Ed Information


"10/23/04 Update 2: So many things happening at once.

I think there's something going on with my ex-boss. I almost wonder if he's fallen prey to some sort of experiment using 40Hz tones. Looking back, it all makes sense - he was deeply troubled during my tenure there. He had all the symptoms. In fact sometimes we used to joke that he was pregnant because he was always nauseous, distracted, and headachy. To that end I'm going to see if I can help him; get through to him somehow. Maybe he can help us. In any event, I'm fearful that the phone call I overheard means that he's in mortal danger. Those guys certainly like to play with fire, and I don't want him to end up like poor Randall.

Ron and Jaimie called. They're going to the mental hospital one more time to see if they can find out anything else. There's a wall there that they want to take down. They hope to be there tomorrow afternoon sometime. I might need to provide some cover in a distraction, at that same place you and I worked on a few days ago. Be ready."


Charles Sins

Charles reveals some things and raises some questions in his latest update:

"I'm not doing too well. I've been to the doctor's a lot lately for my heart and blood pressure, but it's my soul that seems to be ailing the most.

I've been under stress and heartsick over Todd, but it's more than that.

I've been feeling sick to my stomach over the things that I've started seeing in my mind's eye. Things I've known about the hospital for a very a long time. Longer than my memory reaches. Things I preferred to keep behind a curtain, separated from reason and accountability. Things that will no longer be denied a place in my consciousness.

How could I forget. Was it purposeful or did I somehow manage to accidently lose all these horrible memories? When did it happen?

I remember dreadful things seen as a young child, ungodly scenes witnessed as a young man. How old was I when I stopped remembering them? Stopped remembering the Forgotten?

There were experiments, horrid experiments. I watched. I watched unseen. I cleaned up afterwards, I saw the productions, the terminations, the aberrations.

Why didn't I speak up for them? Was it my father?

I was afraid of my father, very afraid. He wasn't the man I made him out to be. My father was one of the worst perpetrators on campus, worse than the doctors at times. My father took the unwilling. I saw. People knew. And they did nothing. My mother was an unwilling. Unwilling. Unwilling. Unwilling.

She was.

I heard it. I heard it whispered. I heard it whispered when they looked at me.

And they gave me to him.

Cambridge was all I knew. I tried to protect her, for the love of God I did.



I'm as scared as Charles... What happened those years ago? Who was Charles given to? If you weren't worried before, now's a good time to start.

-- RobMagus (Charles is the antichrist!)


Ron and Jaimie go to CMH and meet Charles and some scary shit in the tunnels. John Palmer does ground control outside. HELP US MHC on a wall in blood, a pile of bones and skulls. Later, Charles found dead. Transmission cut after Ron and Jaime run from someone behind them. John sets videos to auto-upload and goes to investiage. Live chat ( from a laptop and webcam ( show during the occurences.

Soon after, the Seventh Sons website main page turns into a clock on the face of the symbol. It appears to display the current computer time.

What has happened?


-- RobMagus (Time is running out!)

Bodies and Guns

Ed updated the UM about section with this:

"10/27/04 Update: I got the newspaper clipping ( today. Nice job cropping half the damn thing out, whatever intern sent it. Official cause of death not determined, my ass. It was homicide!

Also, I got some mail about the puzzle at Colasterion but ever since my site was hacked my mail's been so flaky that I can't answer anything to the address here, just to my Gmail address. Anyway, I thought maybe more than one person might be working on this so I will post my findings here.

There are 18 different types of guns, all of which with some sort of historical significance (like an M16, Gatling, flintlock, etc.). Each gun is aiming at two different points, which seem to be related to each other in some way (wheat germ and a bacteria germ, Herbie the Love Bug and a marijuana plant, a bull and a Ford Taurus, etc.). There's also what appears to be the beginning of The Sopranos theme in the background. I guess the task remains to identify what each duo is, and why they are being killed. And the order to kill them, if any. And why. That should keep me busy tonight, anyway.

Sorry, I'm a little grumpy. Or a lot. I keep imagining I'll be next to die in a tragic accident."

Man... that settles that, I suppose. Now, what happened to Ron?

(NOTE: You may have noticed the reference to a puzzle in The Unravelling that has note been mentioned in the Guide previously. That's because we found it early, I think. I, in my infinite stupidity, elected to not mention the puzzle trail in the Guide until we got to it properly. That bit me in the ass, eh? I'll go back and add the pillar to colasterion trail eventually.)

-- RobMagus (There went half the main characters!)

Dread End

Suddenly, the TT main page has a full confession from Mark Robinson.

"My name is Mark Robinson and I am the President and CEO of Tomorrow's Talk Studios. It is with great shame and an extremely heavy heart that I am writing this message. I have recently discovered that Tomorrow's Talk Studios has been involved in activities that can at best be described as criminal and, at worst, as purely evil. An officer of the company and several employees beneath him took advantage of a period of disability on my part to use this company for their own terrible purposes, purposes which have resulted in the deaths of several people. I honestly don't know how to explain it but I have not been in my right mind for quite some time now; somehow, someone or something has been controlling me. As delusional as that sounds, I swear to God it is true, and I plan on seeking medical help as soon as possible. Nevertheless, that does not excuse me or Tomorrow's Talk of our responsibility in this whole tragic affair. Tomorrow, October 25th, 2004, I will turn myself in to local authorities and confess the extent of my knowledge of any and all criminal actions undertaken on behalf of Tomorrow's Talk Studios. I am only sorry that so many people had to die before I was able to take this step."

That phonecall mentioned he was becoming unstable... He might get killed! We don't want any more death on our hands.

A little later, the message was taken off, and this replaced it:

"Thank you for joining us for our Alternate Reality Game, "Dread House"! Please be sure to to tune in next spring for our newest Reality Television show: DREAD HOUSE. Are you ready to be terrified?

Executive Producer: Lance Bagat Editor: Carla Triple Director: Ted Delapad Special Effects: Ivan Lars Technical Consultant: Rosa L. Gulzan Legal Liason: Ada Rind Best Boy: Dam Ne Tanh

See you next spring, and remember - when someone asks you to go along on an urban exploration trip, you never know who could be waiting around the next corner."

It's a coverup! It has to be!


-- RobMagus (IT CAN'T BE OVER!)


A day later, the TT page was back to normal, except for one change - under "Our Team", CEO/President, VP of Operations, and Webmaster are all marked "vacant".

Even better, the clock symbol on the SS main page now has a login box below it!

In a much creepier change, a butterfly ( now obscures some letters on the knife on the I AM INVISIBLE website so that it says "INVISIBLE". Also, the first line of the stylesheet ( is now:

/* I am invisible. YOU are dead. */

The killer is someone with some knowhow of computers. And he probably killed John, whose body was found along with Jaimie's in the CMH tunnels. Ron's body was not found.

Ron? I'd hate to think that he's the killer... But so far, evidence seems to point to it. Someone with knowledge of puzzles and ARGs covering up the murders by saying they were just a promo ARG for a real Dread House show... computer skills... no body.

I am speechless.

-- RobMagus (I am also confused!)


I knew it wasn't over! A black link hidden on the UM splash page reading "please help" leads here ( It reads:

"I can't believe it. I can't believe it. I am in shock... I feel so guilty. This is all my fault. Why did I need to stir up trouble with that autoresponder? I'm responsible for the deaths of three people. My hands have blood on them. Oh, what am I going to do?

I watched the camera feeds on Ron's page the other night, watched as they went into the tunnels under the hospital. Saw trouble brewing when the first feed went dead. Saw Palmer get hurt. I called the Cambridge police about it all. They didn't want to believe me at first. They get crank calls about the place all the time. Finally I convinced them into sending someone. All I could find out is that they have found and identified three bodies - Charles, Jaimie, and Palmer. The police won't talk to me about the case pending investigation - they questioned me over the phone the other night after they went out there but wouldn't tell me why. I'm waiting for the Cambridge paper to send me a clipping about the story. I have no idea what happened to Ron. Oh guys I'm so so sorry. God have mercy on their poor souls.

At least I was able to save Mark. I read that article about the anti-forty hertz tone and was able to make the device. I played the tone for Mark over the phone and it was like waking up someone from a heavy sleep. I hoped he knew something, but he's been pretty well brainwashed and couldn't tell me much. After I talked to him apparently he posted a confession to the Tomorrow's Talk site and turned himself in. Not a good idea. He's now in prison. The poor man had been controlled by Silver and his secret society goons. Mark kept saying he felt like he had been unraveling. I don't think that's just a coincidence. I think he used the site as some sort of outlet - who knows what he's hidden at the end?

And what the hell was that "reality game" message that Tomorrow's Talk had up, with credits? Yeah right. Those bastards are trying to cover their filthy tracks. I am so filled with rage right now. How many innocent people do they need to kill to make them feel big and important? I want to get them. I want their heads on platters. Help me with Mark's site. Maybe there's something there we will be able to use."

So the Unravelling is probably some outlet of Mark's, and it could hold answers we're looking for. I'd rather focus on that than on what happened to Charles, Jaimie, and John, God rest their souls...

And where is Ron? I'm worried.

-- RobMagus (I told you it couldn't be over!)


There's a new example ( on the Puzzlecards site! It's a holiday-themed puzzle, with groups of ASCII symbols repeating 7 times. I don't know what that means, but what I do know is that -this- means that Ron might still be alive! However, that might not be a good thing, given our current suspicions about him. I'm worried what the solution to this holiday puzzle might reveal.

A tad later, the ASCII symbols were replaced with a picture that showed them slightly rearranged ( I'm going to stick my neck out here and see if I can't help you with the solve. Hopefully it won't be my swan song. Well, whaddya know, after Carol rearranged the furniture, my true love gave to me the solution ( to this holiday puzzle. Of course, the cheerful holiday message beneath a piece of ASCII artwork you get as a reward contains a classically hidden message, leading us here ( The reward for this one isn't nearly as cheerful:

"So hard to remember . . . so much pain.

Jaimie, oh God, why Jaimie? I still can't believe it...

I still hear her screaming her brother's name..."

I guess this means that Ron is in fact still alive. Is he the killer? Or maybe... maybe Michael the killer? Jaimie was yelling out his name. Oh, I don't understand any of this!


-- RobMagus (Alberto Falcone wasn't Holiday!)

Dream Projector Gone

A new hidden black link on the UM splash page reads "rats leaving the sinking ship, ha!" and leads to the DProj entry in UM's archives ( Ed has updated it thusly:

"10/28/04 Update: Sources report that the Dream Projector Institute mentioned in this story has shut its doors and abandoned the business. After a series of anonymous phone calls regarding strange experiments being performed at the institute, police obtained a warrant and entered the building this week. Nobody was inside, and all files had been removed. The only things left were some strange looking pieces of equipment, which police haven't been able to identify. Hope nobody paid them too much money, because it looks like this fly-by-night business has flown."

Looks like the bastards escaped. They probably tipped off the killer. We'll get them.

-- RobMagus (We'll get them good!)

Wall Papers

Brace yourselves; this is a long one.

Tara has updated the Gold Mine Hotel website. First is the management page:

"Good Morning, and so it is!

It's amazing what a full night's rest will do for the spirit! Both myself and the hotel slept soundly last night, thanks in part to the newly installed soundproofing.

After hearing many different sounds here - both perceived and real - I had some concerns that somehow these old mine shafts were acting as magnifiers or personifiers of distant noise pollution. And although I do try to keep the historical, ghostly aspect of the hotel in good working order - believe it or not, there are many guests who want to come here for just such an adventure - I surely didn't want these noises actually disturbing them once we had opened for business.

I had been experiencing headaches and my short term memory was also suffering a bit, which I think had a lot to do with the constant, almost inaudible hum around this place. Hard to get a good sleep while trying to think up lyrics to go along with that nightly drone tone.

And so I called an expert in noise reduction, hoping to find a way to decrease what we seemed to be hearing around here. After looking at some old schematics of the town, he found that there is actually one tunnel running from here towards Carson Valley that is at least 4-5 miles long! He also noted that the shafts below the hotel, and their connections to other tunnels, shafts and chambers - both natural and not - were in a near perfect position for the resonation of any and all sounds trapped within any one of them.

Obviously we can't do much about the location of the hotel or the mines themselves, but prospective guests will be pleased to know - we installed state-of-the-art soundproofing!

Ahhhh...silence is indeed GOLDEN!!!

Your Hostess,

-Tara Hutchins"

Thank heavens they found a way to block out the 40Hz frequency. Who knows what other sort of havoc it might have caused?

Tara also updated the renovations page:

"Room to Grow!

After knocking out a very long brick wall in the lowest level yesterday, the crew found an interesting area behind it that seemed to be a meeting place of sorts. It's surprisingly large, and I'm wondering if there's a way to incorporate it into the hotel's overall plans.

At first I thought that it may have been employed by the secret club who are rumored to have used the hotel as a private resort in the 30's, because the room is so....well....secret! But there's two problems with that logic. The first is a document we found down there dating from 1881, and the second is a clipping from a paper out of Virginia City dated 1880.

That's a little removed from the 1930's. And if they were using the entire hotel as a private resort, why the need for a super secret room? They had all the privacy they needed.

Maybe it was the Masons (if they did indeed occupy the hotel at one time). But if they had indeed purchased the hotel after losing their lodge to fire, again - why the need for a secret meeting place? They could have used any of the perfectly suitable rooms upstairs.

Regardless of who built the room, I now have to wonder what to use it for, as it seems a shame not to."

I dunno if using that room would be a such a good idea. In any case, here's the translation of the latin ( document:

"BIRTHS FROM 1830 5th May

17th April Birth mother - AGNEIA First-born Premature Sex - female Midwife - LENA Date of child's death - 18th April Child's Cause of Death - Strong fever


22nd April Birth mother - CATHARINA Fifth-born Sex - male Midwife - LENA

Witness - DONATUS

3rd May Birth mother - BEATRIX First-born Sex - female Midwife - ANNA Date of child's death - 5th May Cause of Death - Pneumonia Mother - Bled to death

Witness - DONATUS

3rd May Birth mother - AEMILEA 3rd born Sex - female Midwife - LENA Date of child's death - 3rd May Cause of Death - Drowning Mother - Bled to death

Witness - AUREDUS"

It appears that the Seventh Sons were keeping track of when girls were being born. Let's have a look at that newspaper ( article for some enlightenment. Seems that the Seventh Sons were, in fact, abducting said girls. Were they trying to find seventh -daughters-? That might fit in with the haunting story of Fiona Steward's daughter. Or perhaps something stranger?

-- RobMagus (They were just hungry!)

Rogue Seventh Son

Ron suddenly signed onto AIM! Several of us wonderful investigators bombarded him with messages until he invited them into a chat. You can read the whole transcript here ( Some important tidbits:

  • Ron found a chamber with the SS symbol and what looked like cribs and infant skeletons. He speculates that they were trying to breed seventh sons.
  • He opened a book entitled "Our History" and saw the word "ascension".
  • He then heard Jaimie scream, and turned around to see a crazed Michael Cyphers mumble and then hit him.
  • Ron awoke and found that Jaimie's body had been dragged away somewhere, leaving a stain of blood.
  • Before all this, Palmer was sure that the killer was a rogue seventh son.

Well, there are two suspects for Invisible Killer, and neither is good: Ron, or Michael. Instead of thinking about something so horrible, lets look at the Seventh Sons webpage. Ron's research has given us an idea of what the login might be.

We try "ascension", and it works! We're taken to a page with a picture of an illuminated doorway with stairs leading up to it. It's like we're inside a tunnel, looking out into bright daylight. Even more interesting is the countdown timer in red font below it. Time runs out at midnight on Halloween. I wonder what will happen then? In any case, we click on the picture and are taken here (

Wow, that is a -brightly- coloured spiral of letters. Certainly a garish puzzle. Let's get to work; answers must lie at the end of these puzzle trails.

-- RobMagus (It BURNS MY EYES!)


Well, that hint from Ed got us going on this odd puzzle. It sure inspiried me, and I had quite a few ideas on it that helped us get closer and closer to the solution. See, the pairings that are being killed go together in an interesting fashion: one is a pun, and the other is a victim. Generally I'd give hints in the form of puns, but seeing as how this is a puzzle based on puns, I rather think that I'd be encouraging people to commit Maguscide if I dared. Anyways, the pairing solutions: as an example, we have the pairing of Drew Carey with an A and the mite. The bug is of the class "acari", and the visual pun on Carey is "A-Carey". The answer, then, is acaricide. I'll let you try and find the rest. In any case, it seems like an excellent idea to order the words according to the chronological order of the guns shooting them. Taking the first letters of each -cide, we get:


Well, being the horrible punster that I am, I try "coincide". Close, but no cigar ( A pair of dentures chomping on a dime? Well, that -has- to be coincidental ( Turns out that it is! The page we get in reward is really hokey.

By that I mean it has the -incredibly- irritating midi version of the Hokey Pokey playing in the background, and has a strange Greek version of the lyrics underneath a gif of appearing and disappearing Greek words. The lyrics:

"Esy put sas dexios myalo in... Esy put sas dexios myalo out... Esy put sas dexios myalo in... And you tinasso all about... You do the analytikos and you turn yourself around... That's what it's all about!"

You put your -right brain- in, rather than your right hand. Also, instead of the hokey pokey, you do the "analysis". In any case, there's some strangeness in the source:


Yikes. Mark must have had a lot of trouble. Interrobang, incidentally, is a punctuation mark combining eclamation and question.

Right about this time, we get a phone call. Coincidence?

-- RobMagus (I think not!)


Yes indeed, several people recieved a threatening ( phone call, which was rather sobering right after the punny solution to Colasterion. In the phone call, an unrecognizable Ney-York-accented voice intoned

"So... have you learned nothing yet? They're all gone, still you persist. One by one, we're tying up all the loose ends. Robinson's taken care of. Vargas is next. And then you. Your time is almost up."

Aw jeez...

-- RobMagus (I'm too young to die!)


A new black link on the UM splash page. Incidentally, the email address on it appears to have been changing colour every day. An email to Ed revealed that he'd been changing the colour to indicate when the black link had changed. Guess we're so obsessive about checking that he didn't need to do so. In any case, the link reads "yet here's a spot" and gets us to a page with this message:

"Coincide. Suicide. Homicide.

"The truth is unraveling". That's what was scrawled on the wall of Mark Robinson's cell when they found him dead. I just got the call from a contact in New York. He's dead, and I'm responsible.

Out, damned spot! out, I say! All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand.

I thank you for your notes inquiring after my safety. I don't think they can get to me here; they haven't found me so far. All I can do is hole up and pray they don't kill anyone else. Try to solve Mark's website; oh God those were his last words. Diaman - scrape away? Uncover it. The truth below. The ancient terror.

I need a vacation, preferably in a place where less people die.

Stay safe, Ron."

Amen, brother.

-- RobMagus (Bad spot!)

Hokey Marching Rats

The greek words on the coincidental page, when translated into English, are:

diaman - scrape away; reveal (we learnt this from Ed's latest black link)
Grammata - to do with literature?
Archimedes - duh.
Stomachion - a tangram-like puzzle attributed to Archimedes
phormedon - a species of butterfly (hinting at the invisible killer?)

Letting the butterfly flutterby and taking diaman as a general hint for the entire Unraveling, we are left with four clues, two of them related to Archimedes. Yes, four: remember the hokey pokey playing inthe background. It hints at the idea of putting things in and removing them again. A little research into Archimedes' Stomachion reveals that he had written down notes about it, but erased them again. The literary (grammata!) term for this is palimpsest. Success! (

This next page has another background midi, though it's not nearly as annoying as the hokey pokey. It is, in fact, "When Johnny Comes Marching Home". The background ( of the page has a repeating grid of pictures: an anthill, a bird, a bunch of servers, and a screenshot from SimCity. In the source, we have a note reading "turnitupdrownitout", referring to the song, I suppose. Finally, we have the main attraction: a bunch of bouncing bits. When assembled ( properly, they read "eightyone squared". If you take that image, flip it upside down and backwards, and turn all the white pixels black and grey pixels white, you get this (, which says "myrmodons". Myrmodons are mythological creatures which sprang forth from ants. There are anthills in the background. Another lyric that goes over the song in the background is the tune "The Ants Go Marching One-By-One". And my pants are itchy. This can mean only ONE THING:

The hints all point to the ants song. As the song progresses, ants go marching one by one, then two by two, then three by three, etc. Taking a clue from the "eightyone squared", we try nine by nine. More success! ( (Incidentally, the actual page refreshed after a few seconds and took you straight to the next page. We've taken that script out for your viewing pleasure.) This page has a block of seemingly random words, and a diagonal rainbow strip going through some of the letters. Also, we'll have to take a better look at that later, because the page suddenly changes and we are brought here ( Rats!

Well, mice, actually. This page has some pictures of famous literary rodents and some weird text, all arranged to look like a mouse. The text is from a scene in Alice In Wonderland where a mouse tells his sad tale while looking sadly at his tail. Also, surprise of surprises, a midi is playing in the background. It's the song "Ben", by Michael Jackson, from the movie about a killer rat that was the sequel to the original "Willard". Speaking of music, the seemingly random words on ninebynine were actually from a tune by Syd Barrett called "Rats". In the source, we have more from late Mark: makeitstop repeated over and over and over. Poor man...

Before we go any further, we try something that seems to easy, but might just work. Typing in the title of the background song brings us here ( It's got a picture of the little mouse who stands alone. In the source, we have "whereitstopsnobodyknows". Hopefully the Unraveling isn't circuitous. This appears to be a dead end right now, so we go back to solipsism.

Seems a good time to start identifying the rodents in the pictures, if for not reason other than to have something to do. Using this ( numbering system, here they are:

1. Desperaux (from book "The Tales of Despereaux") - Kate Dicamillo
2. Vera the Mouse - (from book "Vera the Mouse") - Marjolein Bastin
3. Algernon (from movie "Flowers For Algernon") - Daniel Keyes

4. Ignatz (from comic strip "Krazy Kat") - George Harriman
5. Dormouse (from book "Alice in Wonderland") - Lewis Carroll

6. Mrs. Frisby? (from book "Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh") - Robert O'Brien
7. Ralph S. Mouse (from book "The Mouse and the Motorcycle") - Beverly Cleary
8. Mattimeo (from book "Redwall") - Brian Jacques

9. mouse from The Night before Xmas?
10. Reepicheep (from book series "The Chronicles of Narnia") - CS Lewis
11. Mr. Jangles (from book "The Green Mile") - Stephen King
12. Ratbert (from comic strip "Dilbert") - Scott Adams

Also, identifying the mouse in the picture on ben.html leads here (, which has nothing but text saying "stick it to the man!" The "little mouse who stood alone" refers to Andrew from the book "I Am The Cheese". Now, we look at the first letters of the names of the mice we have: they approximately spell out David Farmer Jr. David Farmer is a character in "I Am The Cheese".


Now what?

-- RobMagus (Next we'll have snakes!)


Even though this follows immediately after the previous entry, I felt moved to give it its own special entry.

David Farmer Jr refers to his son, who is named Paul Delmonte. Typing that into the URL leads us here (

It's a collage of images from various things related to the Seventh Sons. On mouseover, it shows a full confession from Mark Robinson, telling everything he knows about the SS.


-- RobMagus (FINALLY!)

Reed Revised

Haven't heard from Reed in a while, have we? He's updated his section on hidden messages in Ann's Poems to take into account the information we discovered from Thomas Fitzsimmons' website. Check it out:

"UPDATE 10/30/04 : I wanted to thank all the Dead Poems readers who have written to inform me of the webpage created by one Thomas Fitzsimmons which contains information about my grandmother Ann Starling, that I was previously unaware of. I was stunned to say the least when I first perused the page, especially the section about Bryon Fitzsimmons, a journalist from the early 1900's who, along with my grandmother, came up with a plan to write an expose of the horrendous state of the nation's asylums of the time. This would explain why Ann went from being a normal, well-adjusted young woman to an anonymous mental patient in such a short time - it was all an act devised to allow her to get into these asylums and help Bryon write his story. Unfortunately, Mr. Fitzsimmons died while Ann was inside one of these hospitals, the infamous Cambridge Mental Hospital, where she composed the Dead Poems poetry.

Bryon and Ann had apparently worked out several methods of hiding secret messages in the post cards they were using to communicate before she ever went into the first asylum. I can only assume that, after being inadvertently abandoned in Cambridge, these methods subconsciously became part of her poetry writing as the harsh conditions and inhumane treatments at the hospital took their toll on Ann's sanity. One can imagine the despair she felt as she gradually came to realize that Bryon was not coming back for her and that she was now at the mercy of Cambridge's staff. This could easily account for the morbid subject matter of Ann's poetry, along with the horrors she was sure to have seen while in that terrible place. And yet, there are still nagging questions and unresolved mysteries about her works. Whether any of these writings truly reflect any messages from beyond is something we'll never know for certain, but they at very least portray the descent of one woman's mind into the depths of hellish insanity and as such represent true messages from beyond the veil of sanity.

I have followed up by contacting Mr. Thomas Fitzsimmons via his webpage and he has agreed to allow me to examine and perhaps purchase the effects of my grandmother that he may have, such as the old post cards and so on. I am very excited to see these materials and hope to include them in revised version of the Dead Poems book as soon as possible. The new revision will include the new information about Ann Starling's life and her true reason for being in Cambridge in the first place in an effort to place her poetry in a proper perspective.

Thank you all again for your readership and support. You have made Dead Poems a resounding success and I look forward to providing you all with the new, revised edition very, very soon.

Reed Singleton"

That settles that little mystery, I suppose.

What next?

-- RobMagus (Dead Sequel!)

The End